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Cruelty-Free Blend Bunny Cosmetics Unites Makeup Artistry With Responsible Conduct

In a time when people closely acknowledge the ingredients in their daily product use, companies must use natural sources to produce goods. Vegan cosmetics company, Blend Bunny, understands this. Their signature ‘BLENDS’ palette has satisfied makeup lovers while sustaining the environment. Maggie Jones, beauty entrepreneur and popular makeup social media influencer, has perfected this approach with her dynamic collections and striking palettes, some of which have found a place among the greatest entertainers of the generation.

Jones began her company in Texas during the pandemic in January of 2021, where she decided to pursue her own cosmetics business after receiving critical acclaim for her own makeup tutorials. She displayed her advanced ability to craft tasteful looks to a massive community online under her unique personal brand. Her skills and ability to illustrate striking designs helped her gain the attention of various companies that would send her gifts and PR to recognize her success. She lived a makeup artist’s dream, trying out and reviewing new products and then getting paid for them! 

Jones would receive products from over 100 different companies, giving her a diverse understanding of the beauty market. The insights gained as an influencer helped her establish a desire to be an entrepreneur. Of course, this seemingly instantaneous streak of success didn’t come overnight and her efforts resulted from over seventeen years of experience being deeply involved in the beauty industry. She invested her time going in and out of retail stores to gain a practical sense of what worked. Her expert knowledge and sensible approach to cosmetics have generated a loyal following that helped her company reach high levels of success early on. 

Blend Bunny’s growth and development are the culmination of product expertise and Jones’s persistent vision of creating all-inclusive, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup brands for makeup lovers and artists from all walks of life to enjoy. When the company began, its flagship product, the ‘BLENDS’ palette, was all Jones needed to accrue an impressive amount of sales within the first year. Blend Bunny would sell out numerous times before introducing new collections, including eye blending brushes, false eyelashes, and more palettes. Jones’s personal brand on social media was enough to give Blend Bunny a significant jumpstart. Still, the previous years of experience as a content creator helped a great deal in that development. 

One of the most defining features of Blend Bunny Cosmetics is its commitment to clean beauty. The brand is Leaping Bunny certified, which requires participating companies to maintain their ethos under annual review. This basically means that Blend Bunny Cosmetics remains consistent and reliable in their cruelty-free, vegan practices, as a Leaping Bunny certification is among the highest level of authenticity one can obtain.

Before Blend Bunny entered the scene as an environmentally friendly makeup alternative, Jones had to find her purpose. The reality was that some essential products were missing in the industry. With her hard-earned aptitude for cosmetics, Jones decided to fix the problem and just go for it herself. 

Perhaps more impressive is that Blend Bunny doesn’t rely on a large team of workers to carry out the vision. The company has thrived with the help of Jones and her husband. The duo also kept their composure during the rapid growth of this small business, keeping their hearts pure in sharing Jones’s passion for makeup and fellow creatives. 

Jones maintains an active Blend Bunny internet presence. The company’s hashtag (#blendbunny) has over 3M views on Tik Tok, where products are seen in the hands of celebrities, and makeup artists, and displayed on entertainers at concerts. Blend Bunny is also commonly used by influential social media leaders. What began as a hobby quickly turned into a  passion project. Blend Bunny’s growth hasn’t stopped Jones from being a trusted source in the makeup community, though. She normally uplifts smaller artists and supports other products despite having a company of her own. The talent hidden in the smaller underground influencer needs visibility, and Blend Bunny’s humble beginning is a direct testament to this idea.

Blend Bunny is an authentic company that provides high-quality products while maintaining an active pulse on environmental conservation. It was the product of hard work, opportunity, and never giving up on a personal dream. Jones was able to create a business that she loves by uniting her extensive knowledge of cosmetics with media expertise, and a solid foundation in clean beauty to boot. 

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