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13DE MARZO: Healing Your Inner Child One Bear At A Time

An eye-catching, trendy, streetwear brand known for their avant-garde styles and youthful designs is making a breakthrough in the fashion industry. 13DE MARZO has a distinct representation for their company in the form of a plush futuristic space bear from a city called MARZO that is 13 light years away. Each piece of clothing sold has the plush bear attached in various places. The bear’s personal mantra is “Love Is All Around,” his goal is to spread love
wherever he goes.

Through the use of this medium, the brand is able to establish an emotional connection with customers through values, which makes fashion a way of attitude. A brand representative said, “The warm and healing plush bears have such charm, so 13DE MARZO has built a product system with a plush animal zoo as the brand core, using detachable and wearable brand bears for artistic expression, and placing the beauty of life on them.” The animal zoo combines clothing and various doll elements, reviving simplicity, beauty and design and providing customers with a new and unique wearing experience. This is unlike any other high-end fashion and makes 13DE MARZO especially unique.

Traditionally, a small child or infant will have a teddy bear that provides a soft companion that they can touch, hug, and cuddle while they are developing their motor skills. It’s completely normal for babies to bond with a transitional object from an early age. A teddy bear gives an external source of comfort and a sense of stability for the child. This teddy bear can provide comfort in the same way their parents do. Parents can provide their child with the teddy bear as a comforting object when the child feels stressed. This can be one of the first steps in a child’s journey to self-soothing, and eventually to emotional independence.

As we grow older, we are taught to self-soothe and develop out of the teddy bear phase, but that
doesn’t mean we will be fully healed. 13DE MARZO has incorporated the bears in a more mature, fashion forward way so always having a bear attached to you will not seem so childish but more nostalgic, youthful and trendy. We do not need to disregard the things that healed as children just because we are now adults.

13DE MARZO provides customers with consistent stability and comfort through not only their
clothing but also by their branding. 13DE MARZO has collaborated with bands such as NASA, Smiley, Sesame Street, League of Legends, and Care Bears. The Looney Toon collaboration continued 13DE MARZO’S design philosophy of and creative reinterpretation of classic elements, presenting clothing a new meaning and offering a unique style experience for young trend enthusiasts.

13DE MARZO is well equipped in providing specialized clothing and designs to their customers by provoking a sense of youthfulness and nostalgia that can heal your inner child by the use of bear while also instilling a sense of confidence through self-expression. Because of this, 13DE MARZO is an unforgettable brand to watch out for.

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