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Active Wellness Holds The Key To Fitness Fads Of 2023 Coast-To-Coast

With a network of 50 fitness centers nationwide, Active Wellness has been making conscious strides toward building healthier communities since 2014, when co-founders Jill Kinney, Bill McBride, and Carey White set out to build a new kind of approach to health and well-being through fitness innovation and teamwork. One of the strongest components of Active Wellness is their adaptability to grow their existing models for health and wellness as new developments are introduced and discoveries are made. The company continues to deliver new programs and solutions that reflect the most advanced fitness and wellness trends available today, and at the top of 2023 it’s clear that Active Wellness is streamlined to empower all to live healthy, more active lives. By maintaining a consistent pulse on the latest trends in fitness and wellness, Active is positioned at the front of the pack to lead with experience and a passion for the journey itself. Among this year’s most compelling avenues for self-care, perhaps the most surprising additions include tailored nutrition plans and the power of a good walk. For decades, the wellness world seemed over-saturated with solutions and over-priced products, and as a result, more people are turning to the basics that have sustained human life for centuries. In short, sometimes less is more, and understanding what your body needs is precisely what Active Wellness excels at. The company champions recovery endeavors through their Re:Store Lab, a unique program that’s easily installed in other gyms or facilities to empower the recovery process our bodies need to succeed. More individuals strive to be pain-free, but our society’s increasingly sedimentary structure prevents efficient recovery processes. The Re:Store program supports mobility and recovery through therapy, percussion devices, massage protocols, stretching techniques, and much more. True wellness is all-encompassing, including proper recovery and nutrition. The Active team has partnered with nutrition experts to deliver in-person and virtual nutrition services.   When it comes to personal growth, nutrition alone can support even the loftiest of fitness goals. 2022 saw the arrival of “cross-stitching”, or the mentality that views nutrition from top to bottom as it relates to the world around us. Sustainability has earned its place in the driver’s seat of some of our most pressing decisions in the new year, and that includes nutritional programs that consider elements of green farming, waste reduction, and responsible consumption. In a similar vein, we know that one size does not fit all, and where sustainable practices will vary from place to place, our bodies require a unique approach to nutrition that is entirely our own. From this vantage point, Active Wellness is propelling a new narrative in 2023 that highlights the unique requirements of each individual in a way that is responsible and inclusive to anyone. Our bodies call for different solutions, but the root of development is always nutrition and fitness.   Even more simplified is the awakening of a simple walk and the benefits that come from regular cardio. If the technological advancements that have appeared over the last couple of years have shown us anything, it’s the power of walking. From smartphones and watches to armbands and even personalized apps, our devices are telling us to pay attention to our steps. Active Wellness is known for its flexibility when it comes to their members (across their 50 partner locations nationwide), and adding a walking group to an existing program invites the timeless activity of walking into the routine. The company’s members-only app even outlines helpful tips and tricks to spruce up the daily stroll. Perhaps the most compelling trend of 2023 is the need for community, which defines the human experience as a whole. In a post-COVID world, where the tremors of a pandemic are still very much alive, people are hungry for that human connection now more than ever before. Whether pursuing a personal fitness goal or sustaining a consistent wellness routine, these endeavors are more easily achieved when we have the support and camaraderie of other champions who share a similar goal. These “Health Communities” have become so vital to the wellness world that Active Wellness has recently introduced Active Wellness Center, the first commercially branded, medically integrated wellness center chain in partnership with nationally recognized health systems. The Centers serve as an extension of the company that seeks to provide a social and inspiring environment where members can take a proactive approach to their health by the power of community. In January of 2022, Active partnered with Providence to open 4 integrated wellness facilities that provide an exemplary fitness model for hospital systems and investors, effectively tapping into a new realm for wellness companies that reaches individuals in more ways than one.     The most important thing we can take away from this year’s developing trends is that our bodies are always changing and adapting to the world around us, and fitness and wellness spaces that Active Wellness creates are poised to take on the latest and greatest challenges empowering us to live better lives.

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