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Saying “I Do” is Easier and Safer Than Ever with

Launched in 2004, is an online bridal marketplace that specializes in buying and selling both used and new wedding dresses, bridal accessories, and bridal party dresses. The website prides itself on being the only bridal specific marketplace of its kind that handles the entire process from the initial chat logs to payment processing and
shipping. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses is pioneering the wedding industry by providing a seamless, safe, and affordable environment for bridal salons and individual sellers to reach the right customers and to make the bride’s dreams come true.

Josie Daga launched Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses after searching relentlessly and unsuccessfully for an effective way to sell her own designer wedding dress. In 2022, the company went through their biggest relaunch of the marketplace, switching to focusing not only on helping brides find their dream wedding dresses but to orchestrate the entire process as well in order to remove previous risks involved within the buying and selling circuits. The bridal marketplace’s ongoing goal is to grow and source better solutions for their buyers, sellers, and bridal salons.

Core values the company claims to possess are experienced bridal customer service, integrity, innovation, and partnership. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses knows their specific industry inside and out and understands how it differs from other brands such as Poshmark, Tradesy, and Mercari who all help buy and sell apparel but do not cater to the unique experience of wedding dress shopping, a seemingly emotional experience that comes with more risks. Most people don’t realize how complex and emotional finding the perfect wedding dress can be until they start shopping themselves. Hundreds of brides start by browsing Pinterest and falling in love with certain designers and styles that are hard to find without specific search categories and a targeted database. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses lists hundreds of designers on their website and contains a search engine optimized specifically for finding a wedding dress by features unique to the wedding dress industry.

When it comes to the specifics of each dress regarding style such as the neckline, silhouette, color, length etc. as well as the consideration of alterations, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses takes those aspects into consideration as well when listing types of dresses in categories that brides may be interested in. No other bridal marketplace considers all of these aspects of wedding dress shopping. Although there are other wedding marketplaces that facilitate payment, they all seem to stay away from the acquisition of risk that comes with these transactions.
Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses handle all aspects of this process for you on both the buyer and seller’s side. They create a shipping label and track the products for the sellers until they reach the customer and as for the bride, the payment is held by the company until it is confirmed that the dress is received and the customer is happy with their purchase.

After its relaunch in October of this year, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses has completely overhauled its bridal marketplace. With a new focus to create a safe, modern, and streamlined experience, the brand is continuing to build a platform made to be the e-commerce liaison for bridal salons. This aspect appeals to even the smallest bridal boutiques who may not contain an expensive marketing budget or a custom built website of their own. The company has removed risk involving transactions by even including video chat as an option to prevent the sharing of
personal information between buyers and sellers and upgrading aspects of their website such as their listing form and internal search. Overall this new website model allows them to invest in
marketing for their specific marketplace and bring more brides-to-be in contact with their listings.

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses will continue to grow their processes and the buyer and seller experience by
incorporating the feedback they receive from brides and sellers in order constantly improve their marketplace. When taking these recent improvements to the company into consideration, their goal to be the number one destination for buying and selling wedding dresses and accessories online is not far from reach.

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