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Introducing Ginger DeClue: The Detox Coach using Her Journey of Healing Herself from Chronic Illness to Help Heal Others

In the world of wellness influencers, there are few voices as powerful and inspiring as Ginger DeClue. With her mission to detoxify and heal chronic illnesses and diseases, Ginger has captivated the online world, amassing a huge social media following. Her detailed and meticulously researched health detox programs have transformed the lives of thousands, catapulting her into the limelight in recent years.


Ginger’s journey to becoming a health and wellness influencer was far from easy. It was a path she never anticipated, but one that unfolded as she embarked on a personal quest to heal her own body. After enduring weeks of debilitating illness, Ginger was dismissed by one of the country’s most prestigious hospitals, which attributed her symptoms to mere weakness from extended bed rest. Thankfully, her parents fought on her behalf, leading her to Moss Rehab in Philadelphia. There, after a spinal tap and an MRI, she received a life-altering diagnosis: encephalitis, or brain swelling. However, the mystery didn’t end there. The cause of her condition remained unknown, leaving doctors with no choice but to prescribe more medications as a solution.

Undeterred by the setbacks, Ginger refused to accept a lifetime of coping with chronic illness without answers. “I’m a Taurus and extremely strong-willed. There was no way I was going to stay down. You can knock me down ten times, but you best believe I’ll get up eleven,” she proclaims with determination. With unwavering resilience, she embarked on a year of physical therapy, gradually progressing from a wheelchair to a walker, then a cane, until she finally regained her mobility. However, her journey was not yet over. Ginger would later be diagnosed with “autoimmune diseases” called Behçet’s and familial Mediterranean fever.

The prospect of a life plagued by chronic illness without discernible causes was simply unacceptable to Ginger. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “When I finally received my autoimmune diagnosis, I fell into severe depression because the only answer the doctor offered was a lifetime of medication. Never once during my hospital stays or visits with various specialists was I asked about my diet.” Fueled by her frustration, Ginger took matters into her own hands. “I was determined to figure out how to heal myself. I immersed myself in courses on healing and delved into everything from Weston A. Price to Ayurveda, iridology to Chinese Medicine.” Through her arduous exploration, the concept of Detox by DeClue was born.


After decades of studying detox health practices, Ginger began sharing her remarkable results on social media, capturing the attention of countless individuals seeking help. She recollects, “You name it, I studied it and tried it! I started sharing my results on social media, showcasing the incredible transformation of my skin and sharing before-and-after stories that left people in awe.” Before she knew it, sick individuals and those simply yearning to regain control of their health reached out to her for guidance. Thus, Detox by DeClue was born—a culmination of Ginger’s personal healing journey and the wisdom she gained along the way.


Detox by DeClue offers a unique and individualized approach, blending Ginger’s mastery of iridology, detox practices, and holistic naturopathy. Each student receives a personalized eye reading and iris analysis consultation. Ginger passionately explains, “The eyes reflect every part of the body, and based on my findings, I can determine the accumulation of waste and prescribe specific herbal remedies tailored to their unique needs.” Ginger hypothesizes that cellular waste and environmental toxins accumulate in the body, leading to disease. By eliminating toxins, diseases often fade away.


Following the iris analysis, students embark on a transformative journey within the D8 Cellular Reconstruction system—a live 16-week program led by Ginger and a registered nurse. What sets Ginger’s program apart from any other detox regimen in the world is the integral role of the nurse. “Every student works hand-in-hand with a registered nurse, especially valuable for those on medications or facing complex diagnoses like lupus or cancer,” Ginger emphasizes. Rather than viewing western medical practices as adversaries, Ginger embraces collaboration, recognizing the significance of her clients’ ongoing treatment plans. Through her program, they transition away from processed foods and embrace a whole foods approach to eating and wellness. With over 200 video testimonials of delighted and healed students, the program has yielded nothing but improvements and remissions.


While Ginger and her team have already touched the lives of thousands, her ultimate ambition is to extend their impact to millions, focusing particularly on underserved communities. Growing up on Philadelphia’s West 51st and Walnut street, Ginger experienced firsthand the challenges of living in a food desert. She recalls, “There was no local grocery store, only a corner store offering no fresh food—just junk.” Years later, she discovered a beautiful produce wholesaler just blocks away, where she could have enjoyed quality food at a discount. It is this experience that fuels her dedication to sharing as much free information as possible on her social media platforms, encouraging people to invest in themselves and join Detox by DeClue. Ginger firmly believes that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can overcome adversity and attain optimal health and well-being.


Ginger DeClue’s story is one of triumph over adversity, driven by an unwavering determination to heal herself and empower others on their journey to wellness. With her captivating presence, wealth of knowledge, and transformative programs, Ginger is an inspiration to women around the world. Through Detox by DeClue, she continues to reshape lives, proving that true healing is within reach for everyone willing to embrace change and prioritize their well-being.


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