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Degen Health: The Andrew Morton Story

When navigating ever-expanding consumer markets, what questions are you asking when considering where to spend your hard-earned money? Degen Health, the Ohio-based wellness movement, seeks to answer these questions with a simple solution that covers all the bases. The brand’s dynamic drink mixtures are as honest and impactful as their founding story, pulling back the misperceptions that often surround personal wellness and getting down to the good stuff. As a conscious consumer, there are several  things to be considered when seeking out authentic brands like Degen Health. Does this company have my best interests at heart? Why should I choose this product over its competitors? Who’s backing the science? What do they stand for? Can I trust these people and their company? Many heavy questions that demand a straight-forward, aerial response.

Andrew Morton, owner and creator of Degen Health, has created an entity that would likely sit next to authenticity in the dictionary if Websters needed another example. Now, Morton has to prove to the world why his one-man start-up isn’t just another brand in the weeds of consumer America. He believes his unique story paints this picture and answers those burning questions.

In contrast, many brands hire entire departments or full-blown marketing agencies to convey a second-rate version of authenticity. Brands derived from robust meaning are the same brands that conscious consumers gravitate towards. However, many of these brands are far too often lost in the swirl of mass marketing and misinformation to reach their followers.

In maintaining full transparency, Morton is a cancer survivor, and turned his life’s journey into a learning opportunity for himself and those willing to listen. Morton has a background riddled with poor eating habits and a lack of dietary discipline, and during this chapter of his life he rejected chemotherapy and was fortunate enough to have a successful procedure in which doctors were able to remove his tumor entirely. Through this experience of literally fighting for his life, Morton became fully aware of the hole he had dug for himself. This revelation ignited his nutritional journey.


Morton was forced to take a long look in the mirror and reconsider everything. One of the recurring barriers to the life he wanted to live was his diet. He realized that if he wanted to truly live, not just cancer-free, he needed to face these habits head-on. Before his diagnosis, every time Morton attempted to clean up his diet, he would quickly revert to old eating habits. He never liked salads or raw vegetables, and he jumped on the power smoothie train but swiftly ran out of patience in the creation and clean-up process of it all, and he even explored options like pre-made frozen smoothies, but nothing ever clicked.

Degen Health’s flagship product, a Daily Boost stick, provides a wealth of ingredients and vital nutrients in a highly-accessible vessel. The daily boost  sticks are 100% plant-based, free of added sugars or artificial flavors, and packed with superfoods that build the foundation for a healthier diet. Better eating habits are just that, habits. Degen Health’s ultra-simplified approach makes the sprout of a new habit grow that much easier. During The COVID-19 outbreak, Morton gained a 1st hand experience of the difficulties in navigating a pandemic as a high-risk individual. Given the combination of imminent threats and an unfathomable amount of free time, Morton dove headfirst into a rabbit hole on supplements. At first, it was surface-level content but quickly evolved into data, analytics, and the business of the supplement industry. He dove into rabbit hole after rabbit hole until he created a fundamental foundation of the importance and benefits of meaningful supplemental ingestion. All of which derived from the analytics and data supported by scientific-based and peer-reviewed content from his research.



Throughout the entire process, he built a business plan revolving around a conceptualized theory:  if he could manufacture these super-ingredients and powders transparently and effectively, he could drastically improve his life along with the lives of countless consumers.

In 2021, he officially began testing mixtures and flavors. In the last 18 months, he tested hundreds of recipes and eventually brought finalized products to market. He officially launched a daytime supplement and has plans of  releasing a decaf-daytime in the near future followed closely by  a nighttime line as well. Degen Health is available on Amazon Prime and is continuing to change lives every day, including his own, one drink at a time.


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