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Why Us Want Being Shows Like Young, Famous, including African the struggles and dramas they bring.

Reality Shows
Reality Shows

Key Sentence:

  • South Africans and the whole world are obsessed with reality shows.
  • Tell us about people’s lives, local or not, and like it or not.
  • We want to eat them, crush the bones, suck out the brains, and then when we’re done, spit out the bones.

That’s why Netflix’s announcement as the first African reality series, “Young, Famous, and African,” was so great. Indeed, it is time to celebrate our African celebrities and flaunt them worldwide instead of bringing fame and fortune to foreigners overseas.

With shows like “Bling Empire,” “Made In Mexico,” “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives,” and even “Yummy Mummies” broadcast and updated to a global audience, it clearly shows that reality TV is very successful and people love it. We are immersing ourselves in the lives of the rich and famous. We even choose countries and take part in the struggles and dramas they bring.

We’ve had many celebrity reality shows in South Africa, including Being Bonang, Ranakite, and Living with Kelly Humalo, that exceeded audience expectations and success. This beautiful and colorful continent has plenty of talented mass television and music artists living a percentage of life. Still, in the absence of the paparazzi, no one gets to see these celebrities traveling on a private jet or vacationing in the south of France enjoying their best. Bubbles that you can buy.

And if there were no lightning on social media, we would be in complete darkness. That’s why it’s so important to have shows like Young, Famous, and African. It shows that we have very successful young Africans living the extraordinary lives we all dream of. When we saw Bling Empire, we were immediately engrossed in their OTT wealth show, envious of their parties, designer clothes, and shopping.

But we’re also concerned about the history of domestic violence between the two cast members and how it brings us back to reality. The cast includes talented actress, singer, and entrepreneur Hani Mbau, rapper Nadia Nakai, musician Diamond Platinum, famous South African DJ, nude DJ, Nigerian model and actress Annie Macaulay, South African sports presenter Jerry Nygery and media.

Together they gave fans a taste of their secret love life. This eight-part show was created and produced by renowned media experts Peace Hyde with Adelaide Joshua-Hill and Martin Assare-Amanqua. The show is supposed to be a thin reality series. This real soap opera follows a group of young, rich, and famous media personalities hailing from South Africa, Nigeria, and East Africa.

The show was filmed in Johannesburg, which was a relief as we were pretty worried about how they managed to shoot in so many countries during the global pandemic. They are all friends, well connected, looking for love to old light fires and restart complex relationships while continuing to shine in their careers and social lives.

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