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The Rise Of Filipino Pop Star Garth Garcia

From his breathtaking talent to his passion for connecting with his people, Garth Garcia’s journey as a solo pop star is as inspiring as his music. As the highly acclaimed Fil-Am Prince of Pop, Garcia has already made waves in the music industry and debuted #1 in the Itunes electronic charts for his hit single “Always In My Head”.

The artist’s single, “Always in My Head,” is an upbeat song that tells the story of a man unable to forget a girl he met. With its beautiful melody and amazing lyrics, this song has the potential to resonate with listeners on a deep emotional level. Alongside the release of his song was a hit music video with over 45k views on YouTube. While all of his songs are incredible, Garcia has a particular fondness for “Always in My Head” as it showcases his versatility and talent as a musician.
What sets this artist apart is his ability to infuse Filipino style into his music. Through his collaboration with artists and writers from around the globe, his music evolves into various genres. By opening his own music label, he is able to have full freedom over the creation and release of his own music.

Beyond his career, Garcia’s life has been filled with many adventures that have led him to where he is now. When he’s not making music, he loves immersing himself in the great outdoors, exploring national parks, and hiking. Additionally, he enjoys discovering new culinary dishes and spending quality time with friends.

One of the artist’s distinguishing traits is his dedication to connecting with his audience. Whether it’s through heartfelt performances or engaging in conversations before and after shows, he values the importance of making his fans feel involved and appreciated. Additionally, his on-stage presence is elevated by his incredible sense of style, which he carefully curates for each performance.
Having a Filipino background has significantly influenced this artist’s musical journey. While many of his newer songs are written by American or Filipino American writers, he always ensures that Filipino notes are infused into his music. This commitment to representing his roots adds a layer of authenticity and culture to his work.

The decision to become a singer was a bittersweet moment for this artist. After discovering his talent when he won an award at a school performance, he realized his great passion for singing and never looked beyond a music career. Since then, he has perfected his skills, both as a performer and a songwriter.

His journey into music gained momentum when he joined a singing competition in the Philippines. Soon after, he was signed as an artist and songwriter by a renowned music label. In his first year, he received recognition as the Best New Artist, marking his place in the industry.

Expressing immense gratitude, Garcia acknowledges the tireless support of his dedicated fans. From those who have been with him since his early days in the Philippines to new followers, he extends his thanks and appreciation for their love and loyalty. Garcia has already planned an album release for early next year, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Garcia’s lead single “Always in My Head” and his incredible performances at upcoming shows.

Garth Garcia’s life and journey into the music industry offer a glimpse into a world where passion, creativity, and connection converge. From his unique style to his genuine love and appreciation for his fans, it is evident that his talent goes beyond the stage. As he continues to evolve as an artist and share his music, Garcia promises to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Written By : Aracely Gutierrez

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