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Djakis Diarra : A Talent in Martial Arts Who is Seducing More and More Hollywood

While big names in action cinema, particularly in karate, such as Jet Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris or Steven Seagle, to name only those who fell to court towards the end of their careers, new talents made their sensational entry into this thrilling world of action and we can mention among them : Djakis Diarra



Djakis Diarra is an award-winning, bilingual Actor born and raised in Ivory Coast in West Africa. His professional acting career started when his played the lead role in the Popular African Action film “ULTIMATUM” in 2012.

Djakis is also a 3rd Black belt martial Artist and action choreographer who build all fight scenes in the popular African action film “ULTIMATUM” “Côte d’Ivoire” & some fight scenes in the Feature film “Dragon” “USA” for which he earned an Award in 2019 from “Full elements association” USA managed by Michael Simmons a.k.a “Mako San“.

From 2010 to 2016 Djakis was founder and owner of the martial Club”The Philosophy of the Dragon” before immigrating to the “United States” in 2016 to expand his career on an international level, where he trained many disciples who are today his pride.

Djakis Diarra is the lead role “Onika” of the Webseries “Onika” Out now on Youtube and the actor is nothing less than amazing. He is also expected as the hero in the upcoming feature film “Luden Legend” for JCC Film Production Next Year.

CEO & founder of his own film company Babiwood Studios LLC, Djakis continues to train and work hard in “Shukiaido” its karate discipline which combines several styles of martial arts and enjoys visiting differents academies in the city and around the world.

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