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2 PM Discusses Their Greatest Victory In 5 Years, Whereby It’s Complex Of “My House,” Their Passion To Stray Kids, Including More.


Key Sentence:

  • 2 PM is at long last back after just about five years!
  • On June 28, 2 PM held a question and answered session for the arrival of their seventh studio collection, “Should.”

The gathering has returned after a long break because of the individuals finishing their compulsory military obligations. The individuals communicated their fervor about returning as a whole gathering before their fans. Jun.K shared, “Last year, ‘My House’ suddenly got loads of affection. I was released from the military in January 2020.

When I was released, individuals around me disclosed to me that ‘My House’ was getting heaps of adoration. The tune was delivered in 2015, and I’m thrilled that such countless individuals adored it five years after its delivery.

Since individuals generally think about ‘My House’ when they consider 2 PM, the entirety of the individuals and the organization examined a ton about how we can show a provocativeness that surpasses that of ‘My House.’ We tried sincerely and got back with ‘Make It.’ So please show it heaps of affection.”

Junho, whose viral fancam filled in as the start of the resurgence of “My House,” remarked that he delighted in the prevalence while likewise feeling dumbfounded by it. Then, alluding to the melody’s verses, “It’s okay, how about we go to my home,” Junho cleverly added, “Numerous individuals were discussing whose house they ought to go to. There’s six of us, so you can pick whoever you need.”

The new collection “MUST” contains ten whole tracks, seven of which were chipped away by Wooyoung, Jun.K, and Taecyeon. Wooyoung composed both the tune and verses for the title track “Make It.” The Korean title of the song is “Haeya hae,” which means “Should do it.”

Wooyoung said, “I’m appreciative that ‘Make It’ was picked as the title track.” On how the tune happened, he clarified, “The tune begins from two inquiries that I need to pose and ‘should’ ask, which are, ‘If love comes to me once more, what should I say?‘ and ‘If this moment is the opportunity for 2PM’s collection, how should we respond?’

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