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Margo Robbie says her body now reacts as if “It’s in a war zone” after shooting the stunts.

Margo Robbie
Margo Robbie

Key Sentence:

  • Despite the intense scenes that made the Suicide Squad star’s adrenaline spike.
  • Robbie told British Vogue that he still wanted more women to work hard in action.

Margo Robbie said that she was trained for explosive action scenes by a body thinking, “she’s just in a war zone,” but she’s struggling to get more women into jobs within the genre, dispel stereotypes and increase women’s salaries.

In a new interview, including British Vogue, the star of the upcoming “Suicide Squad” by James Gunn describes some of the effects of acting on the body and the reactions of the adrenal glands while working on various Hollywood projects.

Robbie noted that his hands would shake when he came home from the set of Bombshell, the 2019 drama for employees who tried to expose the sexual harassment of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. “There’s something physiological that happens to you when you act when your brain knows it’s all made up.”

But that answer is amplified in 2016 action films like Suicide. Squad and Birds of Prey in 2020, in which she played the anti-hero Harley Quinn, a role that earned her the “giant epic war hero” that the actress said was “never earned.”

“There were explosions and gunfire. And even though they’re empty, your body starts to react like it’s real; your adrenaline rises to the roof. “It even affects their sleep, according to the actress, who told the magazine, “because my body thinks it’s just in a war zone.” Robbie also noted that “on set” could be the “worst place” for his migraines as a child.

“I took my medication, sat in the trailer, and asked her to do my makeup in the dark,” she continued. Still, Robbie says that “the scenes where everything explodes around you and you do it just in time” are “very, very funny.” This, along with increased financial opportunities, is one reason why, as a producer and co-founder of production studio LuckyChap Entertainment, she sees the action genre as a space that more women should occupy.

“From a business or statistical point of view, this is a high-paying job. So I wanted to stand up for women who make great action films,” she said. “And then the idea that women aren’t interested in the act is ridiculous.”

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