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Pitchers Only:The New Ace for Baseball Apparel

Officially launched in October of 2021, Pitchers Only is a father-son brand seeking to elevate the baseball community through unique apparel and accessories that speak directly to pitchers, a position that merits no introduction. As the only resource for pitcher-specific self-expression, Pitchers Only is taking America’s pastime into the future with authentic designs and a playful approach to a demanding position.

​Chris Hunn, founder of Pitchers Only, grew up with baseball. The love of the game was later discovered by his son, who has been pitching since he was five years old. For the unaware, the pitcher (known as PO in the game) accepts the responsibility of leading the defensive side of a team, which naturally comes with its own lifestyle and training routines. The pitcher is a unique member of the team and, until now, was underrepresented in sports marketing and apparel. After spending years traveling around the Northeast with his son for games and tournaments, Hunn decided to strike the market with a new kind of community that was supportive and innovative by nature.

At its core, Pitchers Only seeks to foster a network of pitchers who celebrate their place in the game and grow together. The brand has quickly evolved into a lifestyle that supports not only little league and local talent, but All-American athletes in the Major League circuits. Their product line is diverse and stylish, adding a new layer to the pitching community that’s bold, confident, and undeniably of the winner’s circle. Their roster includes training shorts, plush hoodies and sweatshirts, and unique accessories like dorm flags and lanyards. The brand is easily recognized by their backwards “K” logo, which tips a cap to strikeouts and represents the umpire’s third strike call against the hitter. This kind of energy puts Pitchers Only at the front of the pack with athletic apparel designed for pitchers with attitude. With a quality standard second to none, Pitchers Only has effectively balanced the playing field where pitchers take center stage on their own terms.

​The baseball diaspora is an expansive universe, but the life of a pitcher remains distinctly unique in those landscapes. Pitchers Only works to supply pitchers with necessary threads they can wear with pride, but also to bring the community closer together beyond the mounds. Pitchers Only includes coaches, parents of pitchers, and fans of the game who enjoy a good throw. Their products are expressive and command the attention of onlookers with designs like “Shove Day” and a 12-6 tribute t-shirt. Recently the brand created a parody of the OnlyFans logo by integrating their demographic, resulting in a playful homage to the uniqueness of the pitcher position.

In many ways, the story of Pitchers Only unfolds like a classic ‘90s movie, driven by a father and son quest to bring excellence to the game of baseball. Hunn’s son is en route to pitching for a D3 college next year, and Pitchers Only continues to grow and reach a broad demographic of baseball fans and athletes alike.

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