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The Phluid Project Embraces Non-Conformity Through Inclusive Shapes And Cuts In Fashion

Identity plays a key role in the human experience. People have evolved to discover new ideas that truly capture what it means to be human amidst a growing multiplicity of options. The topic of gender, as it relates to identity, has become a centerfold of regular conversation in recent years. The individuals and organizations supporting the widespread acceptance of diverse gender identities in the queer community advocate for embracing expansive lifestyles and celebrating them. (The photo below was taken by Andy Omo, @OMOGRAPHY

Speaking on those keen on uplifting the queer diaspora, Alec Sutherland views their position as a queer creative as the ideal opportunity to uplift the community. As the new Marketing Director at The Phluid Project, a clothing company focused on gender expansive wear, Sutherland continues to pursue a passion in the fashion industry, after years of working in the retail industry in different capacities and making a living as a professional artist. Throughout college, Sutherland pictured an opportunity to explore fashion through their expertise in business and marketing, but similarly to many college students in America, Sutherland worried that he would be pigeonholed into a conventional space where his art was compromised. As a result of his creative prowess with past projects including leading marketing at the gender-expansive cosmetics company, We Are Fluide, and his work with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Sutherland secured a new role as Marketing Director for The Phluid Project. In this position, Sutherland can exercise his  industry expertise and unique voice while further developing his portfolio and polishing his skillset. Most importantly, The Phluid Project has given Sutherland the opportunity to connect deeply with the larger queer community and ground his identity through empowering fashion. The queer community, as with many marginalized groups, is subject to intense tokenization under capitalism, which leads to a lack of authenticity. Sutherland tackles this issue, among others, at The Phluid Project in order to bring more honest visibility to the queer demographic and beyond.

Sutherland intends on utilizing his marketing position at The Phluid Project to address the largely neglected “other” community and their unique identities crafted through diverse upbringings. Growing up, he was able to channel his youthful development into various art forms including photography, poetry, the violin, and most recently music released on Spotify during the pandemic. Finding ways to challenge expectations and represent identity is a mainstay in the growth of our social atmosphere. Sutherland’s recent addition to The Phluid Project will invite this ambitious approach to envision new ways that we can see gender expression through apparel and accessories. In the wide realm of marketing, Sutherland wants to pursue a real-time strategy elevating the community and the brand simultaneously. At the forefront of  queer marketing, the objective is to integrate individuals inside the community directly into the companies with resources that can support them. This particular marketing position will comprise local efforts, with an emphasis on the culturally-rich New York nightlife, theater, and drag scene. Sutherland wants to focus on queer joy, and eradicate the stereotypes associated with queer marketing, which has had a heavy-handed focus on drinking and clubbing in recent years. They want to show people that the queer community has a wide array of influences that reveal the breadth and width of the  human experience. This mission strategized by Sutherland has been a driving force in helping The Phluid Project introduce more layers to the queer community.

From clothing to fragrance, The Phluid Project takes a grounded approach to apparel without stressing gender norms. With the addition of Sutherland and their diverse cultural perspective, this social powerhouse has the potential to impact younger generations as they navigate their own identities. Outside of The Phluid Project, Sutherland enjoys upligfting the queer community through influential insights on his website, blogs, and in his music. Sutherland’s confidence as a queer professional will help The Phuid Project impact queer communities and uplift them. If you’re a member of the queer community or simply an individual interested in learning more, The Phluid Project can help visualize a future where everyone is included.

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