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Aussie-Based Amoris Beauty Growing with No Signs of Slowing Down

We’ve all been there. Well, anyone with hair. You’re standing in front of the mirror, assessing the situation. No matter how hard you’ve tried or how many products you’ve used, your hair is still a mass of unruly strands. You smooth your hands over the frizzy jungle to no avail. You need help.

A couple of 2019 high school graduates from Australia have the rescue plan.

When Emerson Lattouf and Isaac Fakhri became friends, they knew they’d eventually start a business together. Their ability to collaborate and a strong sense of loyalty were the perfect combination for success. Emerson’s father, Joseph Lattouf, was co-founder of Hairhouse Warehouse, so Lattouf and Fakhri weren’t strangers to a successful beauty and cosmetic business model. Why not dive into that industry?

Lattouf and Fakhri took that dive. They pooled their life savings and created Amoris Beauty, one of Australia’s leading hair care brands. Amoris Beauty is the product of Lattouf and Fakhri’s enthusiasm and passion for cosmetics and nature. The brand’s mission is to create a haircare line that upholds being Australian-made throughout all its products. The company is adamant about staying mindful when developing products that don’t cost the earth or test on animals. Its business model also includes a giving component. It works closely with i=Change to help leave a positive impact by donating $1 from every purchase to one of three non-profit organizations selected by the purchaser. With a business plan in place, the work and research commenced.

After trial and error with its chemist—47 times to be exact—Amoris Beauty formulated its first product. It rivaled even the best chemically-based hair product on the market with its combination of cruelty-free, vegan, 100% Australian-owned ingredients. The Rejuvenating Hair Mask stood ready to be a breakout industry leader.

Amoris Beauty knows its market. Before launching its hair mask formula to the masses, it sent a jar to 3,000 micro-influencers (people with 1,000-100,000 followers on social media with a combined following of 25,000,000) to put it to the test. It asked the influencers to post their experience using the all-natural product to create a ripple effect on the internet. The results were staggering. The massive group stood in front of their mirrors with untamed hair, sampling the product from the pink container. Would this finally be the answer to their frenzied locks? Hundreds of videos, before and after pictures, accolades, reviews, and all-around praise for the mask flooded Instagram from the trusted and credible first-hand users of the Rejuvenation Mask. And when one person tells their friends and their friends tell their friends, the e-commerce market buzzes and hums at optimal levels. Lattouf and Fakhri’s business model proved that in spades.


On October 25, 2020—in the middle of a pandemic—Amoris Beauty officially launched its hero product to the world. They exploded onto the hair and beauty scene, selling a whopping 660 units and netting the company over $33,000 within the first week. People suffering from frizzy, unmanageable hair now had a remedy. That 47th formulation of Australian-owned ingredients, including Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, cocoa butter, baobab seed, shea butter, and coconut, argan, and avocado oils, became a powerhouse standout in the market with demonstrated success stories screaming throughout the web. The Rejuvenating Mask kept its promise to deliver hair protection, strength, frizz control, and damage recovery, as well as offering UV protection and intense hydration.

But Amoris Beauty didn’t stop there.

Since the grand success of the Rejuvenating Hair Mask, Amoris Beauty has unleashed three more products sure to measure up to their first success. Its Hair Styling Wand includes an easy-to-use applicator for its rich, hair-taming product. It puts baby hairs and flyaways to rest without leaving a greasy wet look. This product is so effective it has sold out four times since its launch in December 2021.

Since heat can damage hair, Amoris Beauty also offers a Heatless Curling Kit. It includes several silk curling ribbons, offering a quick and easy way to set your hair and achieve perfect curls. The brand also sells its Microfibre Hair Wrap that locks in moisture and reduces the need for excessive rubbing, which causes damage and frizziness.

Amoris Beauty has grown to 46.9k Instagram followers and achieved industry respect. Its best sales day hit over $60,000 in 36 hours when the Heatless Curling Kit and Hair Styling Wand launched. Lattouf and Fakhri know their market’s needs and how to deliver, all while staying true to their brand mission. The momentum isn’t slowing down for these two mates from Melbourne.


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