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Elitepickz brings Transparency and Trust to the Sports Betting Industry

Elitepickz is a sports betting information bank founded in 2020. The sports betting industry is a space where, oftentimes, the leaders with the worst habits have the loudest voices and highest incentive to profit in alternative revenue streams because they aren’t making enough money (if any) on their bets. Elitepickz is different in this regard. The social media platform has edged out frauds by inviting transparency and instruction to the forefront of their space. As the team has generated a steady pace within the market, they have found a way to appeal to bettors with various backgrounds and betting habits, creating a dynamic community of hungry winners along the way. Whether it’s a game a week or the entire card, Elitepickz provides everyday sports fans and betting enthusiasts with proven long term results that generates profits through sports gambling. 

It’s no secret that casinos and sportsbooks alike lead through exploitation. These spaces are strategically designed to generate revenue and drive income by targeting everyday consumers and sports fans, preying on their lack of knowledge and emotion-based tendencies. The pillars of the industry build value with strategic betting lines and unique value propositions, heavily leaning on marketing strategies and media buzz to persuade the masses in their wager decisions. They rely on the lack of knowledge that most sports viewers and live entertainment consumers possess and recognize that most bettors fail to understand the value of analytics. Unfortunately, it is far more common for bettors to depend on their opinions or emotions rather than the statistics themselves. The analytical side of betting carries more weight than we realize. The Elitepickz team uses advanced betting models along with their daily research, allowing their clients to consistently capture something they call “Positive Expected Value” on their picks.

Elitepickz strives to educate people on sports betting at a macro-level by integrating transparency and applicable advice, resulting in sustainable growth and return along the way.

Built on a foundation of trusting the numbers and backed by a seasoned career in the sportsbook industry from their main analyst, the team realized the opportunity had weight as they continued to watch frauds kick-start businesses within the space. What worried the developing entrepreneurs the most was how profitable the frauds were becoming off of false-hope and bad picks. Most of their competitors sell the dream, flashing cars, money and houses while claiming win rates that are simply unrealistic to the best professionals. Elitepickz are making a genuine effort to raise the standard and eliminate frauds. Elitepickz realized they had a real opportunity to bring something valuable to bettors across the nation. The team naturally separated themselves from the rest of the industry by approaching the space with empathy and a best interest to propel it forward. The business truly cares about their clientele, as they go above and beyond with not only giving clients the picks, but also educating them further about the industry. The team has their own weight in the game, so if their clients lose, they lose with them. 

Elitepickz is not a get rich quick, but they do guarantee both results and consistent positive closing line value in any month package subscribed. They are so confident in their team that if any of their members fail to generate a return on their investment following their system for the first full month, they offer the following month entirely free. Although the majority of their members opted-in for annual memberships rather than the month-to-month subscription, this claim creates value between the business and the user by leaning into their value of authenticity.

With models based entirely on numbers and analytics, the team has over 26 years of combined experience and will certainly help any sports fan make mathematically profitable selections. They own up to losses and celebrate their wins, all results are documented and fully available proof. They have nothing to hide. The brand has amassed over 140,000 followers across social platforms, where they share success stories, company updates, charity days, and even the occasional free pick. They also offer a weekly email list that includes complimentary advice and sometimes even free picks for anyone enlisted. They aren’t just a team of marketers looking to make a quick buck. They are real professionals. Their goal is to continue to drive profits group-wide while educating their audience on the ever-evolving industry. 


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