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Experience Spiritual Growth at The Hermit’s Apothecary

Spirituality is a powerful tool for many Americans. The space has catered to those searching for deeper life purpose and fulfillment. For those interested in what spirituality has to offer, many outlets exist to improve their understanding, including social media, podcasts, or even small businesses. In the case of the latter, Planet Hermit stands out as a prime resource keen on inspiring prospective members of the spiritual community to heal and open themselves up to new philosophies, concepts, and ways of understanding their realities.

Founder Jermayne, also known as “The Observer” online, invites people to join a lifelong journey in personal growth and education by sharing their unique perspectives and insights through self-care products, spiritual consultations, visual artwork, and interactive community forum to discuss crucial ideas. Millions today practice various forms of spirituality for the benefit of sustaining a healthy life against a world overwhelmed by the digital landscape. Those seeking to innovate the spiritual landscape, such as Planet Hermit, want to support individuals through knowledge. Planet Hermit began in New Jersey in September 2020, intent on achieving oneness for believers through spiritual understanding and care. Jermayne created a one-stop spiritual shop called The Hermit’s Apothecary for individuals feeling jaded by life’s struggles. Inspired by “The Hermit” in tarot, as well as Jermayne’s Sun in Virgo, which typically brings strong, mental prowess, the digital apothecary comprises a diverse range of products and services for those in need, ultimately enabling a “hermit” with the tools to experience full-scale spiritual growth and actionable inspiration. “Hermit Mode,” or the phenomenon associated with isolation, is a result of daily life stressors. Said stressors are known to cause one to receive and seek inner guidance and wisdom.

Jermayne’s skincare journey began as early as childhood when their mother began crafting custom skincare products to support a young Jermayne’s eczema while working for a major skincare company. She deemed most treatments ineffective because they did a poor job of remedying the skin condition that led to Jermayne’s ongoing physical irritation. Creative skincare solutions helped their mother soothe the skin and many others suffering from dermatitis and similar issues. Her efforts as well as her strong religious beliefs laid the foundation for Jermayne to understand the importance of self-care, which plays a role in their understanding of faith-based skin care products. This foundation was expanded upon based on The Observer’s curiosity as they often questioned and looked up the meaning of every entity they crossed paths with. “I believe that there is a message in every integer and experience one stumbles upon, and that’s what fuels my craftsmanship and faith.”

Planet Hermit is the home of Jermayne, The Observer, on social media platforms. As the brand developed and Jermayne gained motivation to take action, The Hermit’s Apothecary was born. As a direct extension and community based around Planet Hermit, The Hermit’s Apothecary houses unique services and products tailored for spiritual followers, including hand-crafted skin care products, which can be tailored to the client’s needs upon request, Art and Visual Verbiage prints, and, soon to continue, intuitive card readings for the collective as well as individuals. Intuitive reading services are performed with psychoanalytical and transcendental perspectives. The Observer utilizes its aesthetic crafted with cards, music, self-edited abstract photography, and ink works in order to engage and captivate its audience while also providing an intuitive message. Skincare products in The Hermit’s Apothecary are handpicked and often channeled by Jermayne, who actively acquires unique ingredients to tackle the mental, physical and spiritual obstructions that can sometimes affect our conscious state. This does not discount the fact that they also study the ingredient to ensure their efficiency in the product, which is designed for the client. The Observer’s products support a variety of conditions, including hair growth and the relief of nagging back acne, by using their specialized approach to personal care products.Lastly, their Visual Verbiage prints combine art with impactful assurance, healing reminders, and optimism to help mindful spiritual practitioners ground themselves through art in their day-to-day lives. Planet Hermit’s Instagram account is also a helpful resource that individuals can engage with for insight into problems or kind reminders to improve a person’s day.

Jermayne’s expansive knowledge of spiritual competency results from internal experiences, and lessons learned from various conversations with loved ones and past clients, including their readings, life experiences, engaging in thoughtful philosophical pursuits, client needs, and personalized advice gained over the years. Planet Hermit chooses to ditch the commercial route and instead connect directly with customers to foster authenticity and contribute to the larger spiritual community. The Hermit’s Apothecary exists in a unique space where supporters can receive impactful guidance through The Observer’s hard work, love, support, and gratitude. Every interaction between Jermayne and a client is maintained with transparent respect. Jermayne’s spiritual work ensures that whoever comes into contact with Planet Hermit receives an impactful message to help them on their journey. Products are crafted with the vital intent of penetrative healing and immense growth to help people gain control of their physical realm and transcend into their metaphysical space.

The Observer’s natural spiritual alignment as a “healer” has inspired action. It is an excellent representation of how being in alignment with your mind-body-spirit trifecta can impact people from all walks of life. Individual care is integral to unlocking the spiritual substance within Planet Hermit’s startup-centric approach to improving the lives of those interested in profound personal development. Jermayne has created a world where people can learn more about themselves, their spirituality, and self-care and interact with others to foster a stronger sense of community. The Hermit’s Apothecary wants to support you as you partake in spiritual growth on your journey. If you are experiencing full-scale spiritual growth during a “hermit phase” or if you’re interested in collecting a new perspective, check out how Planet Hermit can support you.

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