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Fashion Legacy-Born Collective Leovici Fuses Athletic Wear with Luxurious Design to Channel Your Champion Spirit

Many wonder if they have what it takes to live out their dreams. Most don’t realize, however, that by unleashing their “champion spirit,” they can access a realm of infinite possibility where, truly, anything is attainable. This concept is at the core of Leovici, a modern “athluxury” brand based in Orange County. Leovici believes anyone can achieve their dreams with a steadfast approach to even the most obscuring obstacles. As a lifestyle brand, Leovici seeks to remind us that by channeling a universal “champion spirit,” otherwise known as “flow” by creatives or “the zone” by athletes, they can unlock parts of themselves that unleash a unique sense of purpose and make them feel alive in their pursuits.

Leovici was founded by Brent Wheatley, a former professional baseball player who took inspiration from his family when launching the brand. Wheatley’s father was a co-owner of the golf apparel & lifestyle brand, TravisMathew, and his grandfather played an active role as a board member during Nike’s transformative years. Having been raised in an environment energized by entrepreneurship, Wheatley envisioned a company of his own that connected critical  aspects of his experiences growing up around skyscraping leadership.

Leovici became a modern solution to traditional sportswear with a distinctly opulent  flavor aimed at changing how individuals express themselves through clothing. The brand is a culmination of Wheatley’s core values, and the name “Leovici” is a take on this idea of connection through representation. 

‘LEO’ means lion and represents confidence, strength, and leadership. ‘Vici’ is the Latin word for “I conquer”, and when combined, the phrase encourages power and confidence through strength in all pursuits. Born from those moments that inspired Wheatley to begin his entrepreneurial journey as a kid, Leovici has eyes on becoming one of the first brands in the developing “Athluxury” space. Using innovative fabric technology such as micromodal, spandex,  and sleek design language, Leovici adapts conventional performance material and translates them into affordable garments for an ‘athluxury’-inspired audience.

When Leovici isn’t designing high-level “Athluxury” wear for its collective, the company is partnering with athletes and celebrities for charitable collaboration campaigns. Leovici prioritizes doing good under its Charity Collaboration Program, which benefits the chosen organization. Recently, Leovici partnered with Clayton Echard, a leader in mental health awareness and online fitness coach. The “Black Collection” features seven limited edition pieces, with proceeds donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Echard joined Wheatley and the Leovici team on the drawing board in creating these one-of-a-kind pieces, uniting a passion for fashion with people who lead with purpose. The collection exemplifies the best of Leovici, who share a commitment to mental health with the same tenacity as Echard.

On Black Friday, Leovici will release an all-black collection alongside television personality, Clayton Echard. Echard plans to donate profits to causes supporting mental health, and the collection is slated for release by November 15th. Wheatley’s goal of developing a new type of sportswear that commands the respect of designer prestige has become a unique journey, handed down from his grandfather to his father, and his father to him.


In December, the Leovici team plans to unveil another dynamic collection, simply named ‘Athluxury,’ at its home base in Orange County. This location will house the company’s first official office space, permanent retail shop, and cafe for supporters to enjoy. Wheatley has also negotiated a partnership with Tesla for the largest Tesla supercharging station, which will be available in the parking lot for supporters of the brand. Three generations of fashion and athletics have led to this emerging collective that empowers individuals to embrace the champion’s mindset. Leovici is shaping out to be the manifestation of his dream company and goal of creating luxury-quality, small-batch, versatile pieces that individuals can wear anywhere.

Big names in fashion are starting to become predictable in the mainstream high-end designer market. Leovici wants to intercept this landscape by introducing pieces that blur the line between fashion and utility. By bringing traditional boutique fashion standards to the athluxury market, Leovici plans to become a top source for athletic-minded individuals seeking comfort and style.

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