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Geoff Jimenez: Inspiring the Next Generation

Celebrity philanthropist and CEO Geoff Jimenez has always been passionate about using his platform to help others. With his recent acquisition of the Miss Filipina International Pageant (MFI), he is able to do just that: Geoff is using the pageant as a platform to amplify Filipina voices and inspire the next generation of young women to share their stories and accomplishments. Held at the International Ballroom of The Beverly Hilton on Saturday, August 5, 2023, the Coronation Night Gala event will welcome guests from all over the world to celebrate with the MFI family.


Prior to his acquisition of the Miss Filipina International Pageant, Geoff found a way to achieve his dream of helping others by making his mark on the home health industry. Home health care can help patients recover from illnesses and injuries in a way that conveniently allows them to maintain as much self-sufficiency as possible. In particular, Geoff used his home health companies to help the elderly, especially those on Native American reservations. By making home health services become more accessible, Geoff has helped countless individuals. After achieving such immense success with home health, Geoff is now ready to lend his efforts and attention to the lifestyle industry.


Geoff is thrilled to join MFI during its 10th anniversary celebration; poised to become one of the largest events to celebrate Filipino culture, the black-tie Coronation Night will honor the art, fashion, and people of the Philippines. Candidates will have the highly coveted opportunity to discuss their passions and advocacies, share their stories of achievement, and represent the values that are integral to Filipino culture. With candidates hailing from all around the globe, the pageant is now open to young women who have at least a quarter of Filipino ancestry. By truly representing the Filipino community on an international level, this event prioritizes reveling in the diffusion of Filipino culture and celebrating the ways in which it has blended with the cultures of different countries. Geoff is passionate about creating an inclusive atmosphere with the pageant as he welcomes audiences from around the world.


MFI is passionate about empowering young women and giving them invaluable help with their professional growth through exposure, networking opportunities, and support from the community. Each candidate also has a shot to win impressive cash prizes, including a $10,000 Grand Prize with additional gift certificates and bonuses. As each young woman competes for these enviable prizes, she will be able to share the ways in which she embodies the ambition, dedication, and generosity of Filipino culture. The pageant aims to inspire the next generation of Filipina women to become leaders in their respective fields and proudly share their stories and successes.


Inspired by his love for the Filipino community, Geoff is ready to use his position as the new owner of MFI to make the world a better place. He is proud of his courage in taking different approaches and rebranding MFI to the next level of sophistication. His new ventures into the lifestyle industry mark a turning point in his professional career as he uses his position to strengthen the Filipino community on a global scale.

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