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Gisella May Zimmer CEO on the Rise

Ever since she was young, Gisella May Zimmer has been interested in beauty, dabbling in doing her own makeup for recitals, ballet performances, and photoshoots. Now, she is a firm believer in changing the beauty industry into a safer space for young women. With her own beauty brand, she is able to do just that, as she strongly advocates for enhancing one’s natural beauty without actually changing anything physically.

“My overall vision is to make a difference, especially to young women, and inspire them to embrace their natural beauty,” writes Gisella. “Today’s beauty standards can cause a lot of issues like mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, body shaming, and eating disorders. We shouldn’t normalize changing ourselves to fit into what society wants, just because we see it on social media.”

Gisella credits her parents with encouraging her and teaching her a lot of her values. She is extremely grateful for their support as she is able to stay on top of her game with the advice and guidance they have given her. They raised her to respect everyone, no matter how they treated her first. Gisella also attributes her strong will and independent demeanor to their emphasis on teaching her resilience.

“No matter how tough life gets, no matter how many problems and mistakes I face, I never give up,” writes Gisella. “Every day, there are changes in life, and I cannot control them. But I make sure to continue to learn, grow, expand horizons, and maintain positive perspectives towards life”

In addition, Gisella makes sure to meditate regularly, keep herself humble and grounded, and prioritize her peace and clarity above all. Because of this, she maintains gratitude for every aspect of her life, both good and bad, because she is able to view them all as experiences, blessings, and lessons.

“Always be kind because you don’t know what other people are experiencing,” continues Gisella. “It is better to be kind, even when the other person is not kind to you. It’s not easy to be kind all the time, but it can change both of your lives.”

While Gisella makes sure to use her platform to spread her values of balance and kindness, she also has plenty of sisterly advice to share. Gisella is a big advocate for women empowerment and truly exemplifies the practice of self-love. She appreciates natural beauty and aims to constantly become a better version of herself instead of aiming to become someone else. She wants her audience to believe in themselves and love themselves as much as possible. A big believer in optimism, Gisella also understands that people earn the energy that they attract. By surrounding

herself with positive energy and kind thoughts, she is able to attract goodness and happiness for herself. In addition, Gisella advises her audience to seize opportunities as much as possible and appreciate blessings wholeheartedly.

“Choose your battles wisely if it’s worth your time and energy,” shares Gisella. “Never lose your faith and trust with yourself and most especially to God. With him everything is possible.”

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