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Here’s Why Hurdles is the Best Football Community to Join in Time for the NFL Season

With Fall in full sprint, NFL fans across the nation can finally watch their favorite teams in action. Social media buzz, friend group fantasy leagues, and the famed Sunday night football parties await supporters in the football community. The internet will go on to serve fans as a universal resource for highlights, competitive debates, and keeping tabs on current stats. Social media platforms like Instagram allow fans to create a digital sports environment that directly caters to game lovers. Football fans interested in joining a dedicated community on social media must check out the latest and greatest sports community with a rich history to boot:  Hurdles.

The company began in the home of founder, Payton Chreene, in January of 2015 and as a fellow football fanatic, Chreene envisioned an inclusive, digital community that could dominate spaces like Instagram. During his first year of high school, Chreene decided to pursue this idea instead of posting selfies and personal content on Instagram. As a loyal fan of the Louisiana State University Tigers and the New Orleans Saints, it was only fitting to share his passion for football with other like-minded individuals. This fascination led to the creation of his internet sports brand, Hurdles, which invited a considerable amount of life lessons and demanded a commitment to expanding on his love for the game. Before Hurdles developed into one of the most popular football communities on Instagram, Chreene spent his time honing his content creation skills through other sports accounts he maintained to expand his level of expertise.

TygaDesigns was a sports editing page and Chreene’s first attempt at managing a popular sports account. This account involved artful edits of photos from athletes in college football and the NFL. Additionally, he reached out to similar Instagram accounts to generate support during his efforts and welcome new opportunities for collaborative growth. Feeling satisfied with the hours dedicated to TygaDesigns, Chreene felt confident enough to pursue another project with bigger goals and expectations this time around.

Next unfolded SportBrawl, the bombastic Instagram page highlighting sports drama. These fights included all athletes in the broader sports universe and would enjoy swift growth early on. Around this time, Chreene had also been experiencing substantial professional growth. Chreene, however, decided to change the entire account after discerning some possible risks of violating content guidelines. This business decision was the pilot of Chreene’s most successful media venture yet to come.

Following the close of the SportBrawl brand, Chreene introduced Hurdles, the energetic sports community ready to grace football fans around the globe. This account was a massive success for Chreene, who grew the page to an astounding 1 million followers after only eleven months from its creation. The explosive growth of Hurdles has reached millions of fans in every corner of the globe, establishing communityagainst the digital landscapes of pro-ball. The early days of trial and error with previous pages supported a steady growth for Hurdles, perfecting an already solid blueprint for fostering community. In the past, when Chreene began testing out different strategies to craft an athletic community, he would often reach out to fellow creators for shoutouts or cross-stitching over the shared love of sports. Chreene would trade these highlights, working diligently to ensure he undertook the steps needed to grow a successful account. Hurdles stands out in large part for Chreene’s commitment in uniting sports fans, and the content consists of more personable media, such as intimate views of fans recorded by fans. The @hurdles Instagram community is one the hottest destinations for avid supporters to come together and engage on various topics occurring in the football world.

Fans of the game might not have the time to put aside a few hours to watch every match and keep up to date with news. Hurdles wants to solve this by providing high-quality social media content and in-depth coverage on major topics. The account maintains an active presence daily, sharing stories and making posts with sturdy cadence and playful confidence. Hurdles has garnered the attention of NFL superstars, rappers, and actors, including Odell Beckham Jr., Snoop Dogg, and Micheal B. Jordan. As the intensity kicks up and we get further into the regular NFL season, fans ought to keep up with Hurdles when ‘go time’ hits.


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