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Hollywood’s Newest Home Store, By Luxury Interior Designer Barrie Livingstone

The Hollywood community may have noticed a new addition to its neighborhood shops as Luxury interior designer Barrie Livingstone has recently opened House of Barrie, a high-end interior design store that offers curated home goods, furniture, and decor collections that can be shipped to any home in the USA.


Most known for his designs and work done for Cher’s Malibu mansion, Barrie Livingstone has also been a part of numerous other projects and major designs both nationally and internationally. Some of his work has even been featured on shows like TLC, Bravo and HGTV where Livingstone has both redesigned and competed against other designers, showcasing the talent of his work.


House of Barrie, located next to Bravo’s own Tom Sandy and Tom Schwartz’s (Vanderpump Rules) lounge and restaurant, Schwartz & Sandys, celebrated opening night with guests that included American Pie’s Tara Reid, Comedian CJ Franco, and Tom Schwartz.


Since its grand opening, House of Barrie, has already received numerous praise from visitors and potential buyers. “Shopping at the House of Barrie is surely one of life’s pleasures. Beautiful ornaments, candles, vases, paintings, unusual lighting and furniture. Fabulous selection of everything, staff very helpful and not pushy. Really enjoyed my purchases…,” said one happy customer , demonstrating just how thrilled visitors are to have the store in the area.


Barrie is a true master when it comes to interior design, backed up by his passion and expertise, he is sharing this gift in more ways than one. His book, Interior Design Tips Every Realtor Should Know But Doesn’t, explains how realtors can benefit from not only having basic realtor knowledge, but also by viewing the property in the eyes of an interior designer, which ties into the success of selling.


As a master in interior design, Barrie has tackled and made different design conceptions come to life with his countless number of projects that span from designing million dollar homes to  hotels, nightclubs, resorts, and beachfront properties.

Barrie also has a true talent for modernizing contemporary homes with ethnic origins, which is done by extracting certain themes or cultural elements to make the client’s vision come to life. He does this by mixing traditional interior design elements from certain cultures, with contemporary elements. This is seen with his home project in Benedict Canyon, where Barrie used walnut flooring, contemporary colors such as creams and taupes, and custom stained glass to create the traditional, yet modern-Mediterranean feel clients wanted.


Many of his clients also want to preserve certain stylistic elements, and Barrie is no stranger to that either. For Cher’s Malibu mansion, Barrie was tasked with maintaining her previous collections of English Gothic Antique upholstery items and furnishings, and seamlessly incorporating it into the now, iconic, home.


Barrie’s work on various interior design projects has contributed to the ongoing success of House of Barrie, allowing him to further share his gift and help those elevate their houses into homes.


Purchases for House of Barrie products can be made online, with shipping typically taking between one to five weeks. House of Barrie provides free shipping on orders over $199.

Visit Official Website :


Check out House of Barrie open at 1921 N. Bronson Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90068.

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