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LA’s Yitai Introduces A New Standard In Durable Designer Apparel

The Los Angeles fashion house, Yitai, has been weaving ornate patterns and pastoral landscapes into their fabrics since 2016. The early iterations of the brand assumed a more monochromatic color palette, but in recent years has evolved into a garden of artistry that stands out against urban and rural backdrops. Yitai’s designs are built to last, with playful allure sewn into the fabrics of their vision. The brand has expertly positioned themselves today as a response to existing fashion houses, which have undeniably become distant, predictable, and expensive at best. Yitai is a unique breed that unites handcrafted garments that last a lifetime with the creative zeal that distinguishes a fashion powerhouse from its counterparts. With their latest designs, Yitai has cemented their place as a leading voice in designer clothing that speaks to a new generation of smart stylists.

One of the key elements that truly distinguishes Yitai from its counterparts is a playful, comfortable iteration of classic shapes and silhouettes. Many of the brand’s cuts are innovative takes on familiar pieces, like a well-worn sweater or knit favorites that last a lifetime. Yitai’s landscapes are colorful and plushy by design, yet striking when set against modern ecosystems. The bespoke pieces are often sewn with soft scenery and vibrant dreamscapes that strike a double-take from passersby. Their collections work for anyone, everywhere, and coexist with other leading names in the fashion industry while also remaining distinctly singular in their approach to creation.

Another component of Yitai that is refreshing to see is their approach to new releases. Yitai has gently abandoned the expectation of dropping new designs every season and instead works on their own rhythm, crafting unique styles piece-by-piece when the inspiration hits. This keeps Yitai working within their control center and unveiling special designs when it feels right, rather than racing to keep up with the clock. Yitai’s artistry is never spent and ensures that this vision remains true, uncompromised, and wholly unique.

Yitai’s fabrics are diverse in their own right, having incorporated materials like sherpa and corduroy in recent collections. Under this direction, Yitai is built for people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, sparking unabashed individuality without being pompous about it. Better still, Yitai’s fabrics are meant to last, just as our personalities endure change over time without leaving basecamp. 

Fast fashion has become a topic of concern for many designers and artists alike as they seek alternative ways to prolong an idea and create something with standing power. Yitai embodies this form of expression and produces interesting garments that flatter anyone, everywhere. The world is Yitai’s studio, and we’d like to count ourselves among the lucky ones who get to be the mannequin. The company routinely draws inspiration from the natural world and believes that things exist the way that they do for a reason, and we would be wise to leave those things alone. 

This is precisely where Yitai excels in their artistry, by crafting cutting-edge apparel that retains its allure over time. It’s your favorite cardigan that only gets better with age, except it’s also your go-to for high-profile functions and moments that call for something a little extra. Yitai is pioneering a new era of fashion design that is entirely unique and built to last, bridging the gap between responsible apparel and unlimited creative expression.


Yitai is an LA-based fashion brand incorporating sustainable design principles into compelling, playful garments that retain their youthful glow over time. Having been in rotation since 2016, Yitai has sustained a steady pulse over the years and evolved with the developing landscapes of fashion to reflect an identity that will carry us into the future. Their pieces are bespoke, handcrafted, and crafted with ethically-sourced materials and fabrics that look as good as they feel.


Yitai Team

Source: Yitai

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