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Meet America’s next top car model – Nadia Khar.

This gorgeous car enthusiast is known for her love for cars, which has made her no less than a celebrity.


Cars have always drawn a huge following since decades, and the numbers seem to grow astoundingly with time. Men have always known to have a penchant for anything that moves on four wheels, but of late women have also diverted their interests towards these and that is evident by the number of cars zooming off the streets with women drivers in charge of the wheels. A few women though have broken all barriers and showcased their immense liking for cars that has taken their popularity to the next level. Nadia Khar is one amongst them whose love for cars has earned her a massive fan following on social media, which is quite impressive and makes her no less than the most followed celebrities on the internet of present times.

Nadia hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, having half Pakistani and half Italian roots as her parents come from these backgrounds. Speaking about her love for cars, she says, “cars have always fascinated me since the very beginning as I would constantly update my knowledge about the latest advancements in this area by reading a lot and attending car shows held across the globe. I can proudly say that I have gained vast knowledge about cars by spending maximum time behind the subject, which has helped me attain this position around the industry up to a great extent.” Today, she reigns as world’s most influential car model who has a massive fan following on social media, especially Instagram which has crossed over 1M, which is quite a feat.

Her amazing GTR builds has earned her the nickname of ‘GTR Queen’, which is quite amazing. Her car builds has made her globally popular, and she’s enjoying every moment of it. She says the kind of work she has put in has resulted in her gaining this commendable position, for which she is extremely proud. She says that apart from visiting the major car shows, she attends the SEMA ritually every year as it is close to her heart. Her career as a car model has been on an upswing since the past 5 years and has been constantly growing till date. Nadia also sells her merchandise on her Instagram and Website. Her future goals comprise of owning the best set of four wheels like Nissan GTR’s, Viper ACR’s, 4×4 Gwagon, Murcielago, Aventador SVJ, Hennessy Or Calvo Racing builds, SLS, Koenigsegg, GT2 RS, RR Wraith and many more. Apart from being around cars, Nadia is also an active participant of street biking and takes part in it whenever time permits.

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