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Naudi Aguilar: The Real Story of the Man Behind Functional Patterns

Naudi Aguilar is the mind behind Functional Patterns, the integrative training system that is transforming lives around the world and establishing a new path for achieving optimal health. Whether it is getting out of chronic pain, improving your physique, or achieving a higher level of athleticism, Functional Patterns is displaying unparalleled results in the health and fitness industry.

Naudi grew up in the state of Washington. Shortly after graduating high school, Naudi took up personal training as a way to earn a living and help people improve their fitness. Being certified through major personal training institutions, Naudi expected to be able to help his clients not only achieve fitness but also to help them remain pain-free in the process.

One event that changed Naudi’s trajectory as a trainer was dealing with pain himself; specifically, his shoulder pains brought on by exercises like the barbell bench press. The pain in his shoulder led him to seek relief by using a tennis ball to perform self-massage techniques on the muscles around his pain points. This experience opened his eyes to the notion that someone in pain is dealing with certain restrictions and limitations in their bodies caused by dysfunctional movement patterns, which can be addressed using techniques that would correct your movement patterns and in turn alleviate pain. The culmination of these techniques and methods would eventually become Functional Patterns.

As he continued to work with his clientele, he noticed certain issues in his clients that kept coming back despite implementing the most up-to-date practices. This moment led Naudi to begin questioning the origins of human movement and how an optimal training program might look for humans.

Considering anthropological data on the evolution of humans and intently studying the world’s best movers, Naudi began to develop the methods he uses today. Rigorously testing his practices over the last decade, Naudi has been able to help thousands of people end their daily battle with chronic pain and get back to exercising.

Ultimately, Naudi hopes to use his system, Functional Patterns, to break the common belief that achieving fitness is hard and painful. Instead, the results the training system can get, shows us that if you approach fitness with enough specificity, you can achieve better results with less effort that will last for the long run. With an extensive list of life-changing testimonies from FP Doers, it appears Naudi’s philosophy on training may represent a missing link in the current health and fitness scene.

Naudi Aguilar began conceptualizing the framework for Functional Patterns in 2007. Starting with a realization that all animals have unique movement characteristics that suit their evolutionary blueprint, Naudi began to ask what the fundamental movements of humans are. Through his research of anthropological evidence, it became clear to him that humans have anatomy designed around the 4 primary functions of standing, walking, running, and throwing while on two feet.

Since 2009, Naudi has run with the premise that these movements should be prioritized in training and he has tested this theory diligently. However, in the early years of FP, Naudi was met with strong criticism against his theories. There were even moments when prominent Ph.D. researchers in the fitness field challenged his methods to a public debate. In his debate with a well known PhD in the fitness field, Naudi ultimately framed his side in a way where the PhD agreed with his perspectives and was not able to debate against his points.

However, today, over 2200 practitioners worldwide use Functional Patterns methods for themselves and their clients. These practitioners include physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, body workers, personal trainers, and professional athletes. Naudi’s training methods have produced a vast amount of results with people who have participated in the online programs or by working with a practitioner.

Since the inception of Functional Patterns, Naudi has been at work non-stop developing new techniques, performing certifications, creating online courses, inventing patented tools for creating healthier humans, and even going through an impressive physical transformation himself.

Experiencing explosive growth during this time, Naudi began shifting his focus away from training clients himself. Instead, he turned his efforts towards research and development, refining his certification curriculum and techniques for training.

In addition to selling out courses and beginning to build a waitlist for certification, Naudi also completely revamped his already popular 10-week course with new material (which has now sold over 30,000 subscriptions), developed two new online training systems, and conceptualized over 30 inventions. Some of those released include the RG bar and Regen trainer pulley system.

Today, Naudi Aguilar continues to lead Functional Patterns on an evolving path and is now found in 11 different countries and 31 licensed facilities, with several others in the plans. With hundreds of people on the waiting list to get certified, there is no plan to slow down.

In fact, Naudi reports that the general message he is receiving from his practitioners is that they are filling up their practices quickly and need more practitioners to take on the overflow of clients. However, he admits there is quite a great demand from consumers for a sustainable fitness system, and people are mostly drawn in by the results on display online.

While many companies rely on slick marketing, Naudi has focused on being transparent with his followers and displaying the results of his practice for everyone to see. He hopes that this will help people make better decisions when it comes to investing in their health.

Naudi has achieved great success in the last decade but still has bigger plans for the company moving forward. With the spreading methodology and licensed facilities popping up, Naudi is focusing on developing new technologies that allow people to accelerate the path toward optimal health. With almost 40 innovations in the works, Naudi hopes to simplify the process of making healthy changes in the body.

Naudi admits that it can be hard to look at the health state of our current population. At the same time, he recognizes that getting healthy poses challenges after reaching a certain point. Ultimately, Naudi hopes to provide tools and an environment for people to regain control of their health situation, no matter how bad things have become.

He believes that when you look at his results and his work through Functional Patterns, you will see that they illuminate a path toward health that many people simply never thought existed.

The primary source to find out more about Functional Patterns is the official website Additionally, educational content, results, and course announcements from Functional Patterns can be found on the major social media outlets of Instagram (525,000+ Followers), Facebook (500,000+), and YouTube (271,000+).

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