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Rhett Vandal has been shooting models for many years and is now providing them with an online class for students.

Rhett Vandal is a devil trying to make this life a living hell.

Rhett Vandal comes to the hip-hop scene and turns it upside down with his new method, Digital trapping. Rhett Vandal travels the world, Vlogging on YouTube and shooting tattooed models for his website and music videos. Rhett vandal has been building and shooting models for 10+ years and now is making an online class for students to learn how to create and manage models on social media and monetize their social media following.

Rhett has a few songs on his next album with Dead city villains that he is promoting his new Digital trapping class, hoping to reach the ears that are inspired to be a Digital trapper. Rhett Vandal will be pushing his company through his new hip-hop Group with Chucky Chuck Dgaf, “dead city villains “ In the new age of Digital trapping, Rhett Vandal thinks anybody can do it with the right tools and knowledge. He is currently working with developers in the next few months, hoping to drop his first online class so anybody can learn the arts of Digital trapping and how to build a model online. There’s so much money in online businesses that any guy or girl who wants to model can make it nowadays. Rhett Vandal will build himself, and He will be documenting the whole process to show how and that it can be done. Over the years, Rhett has been making his skills from working with tattooed models and online social media marketing agencies that he is now able to piece together a solid social media class.

Rhett inspires to be a new age Hugh Hefner and help struggling models build and monetize their social media platforms. To learn more about him, follow them on Instagram @rhett_vandal and Twitter @RhettVandal.

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