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Take Your Weekend Getaway To The Next Level With The Pàris Villas in St. Lucia

Paris and Chaim Roserie officially introduced The Pàris Villas in January of 2021 with a vision of changing the standard of luxury vacations and the way people experience Saint Lucia as a vacation destination. The Pàris Villas provide a unique escape for each guest by creating a home atmosphere combined with luxury services and amenities that take your visit to the next level.

The idea for The Pàris Villas began with designing and renting a shared space in their 3-bedroom apartment in Florida on Airbnb and other home rental outlets. The Roserie brothers were both once competitive athletes playing division-1 soccer while also holding a management role in the music industry. These experiences gave them a knack for knowing what top quality service looks and feels like. Their passion project grew into a mission driven by offering people experiences they will never forget.

The Roserie brothers were raised in Toronto where they kickstarted their rental renovation side hustle. It was here where they discovered a passion for hospitality, when they decided to develop their rental business by converting the basement of their home into a studio apartment. With gaining first hand experience on these ventures, the team wanted to apply the same formula to their family home in Saint Lucia. They invested in renovating and building this St. Lucia property into a more luxurious villa.

When the renovations were done, in the first couple of months the property became one of the most popular villas to rent on the island. This resulted in the birth of The Pàris Villas empire – a company that offers luxury vacation experiences. They have now obtained a second location in the heart of the most famous tourist destination in St. Lucia and are currently in the process of finishing up their renovations on this new property


Under the Pàris umbrella is a luxury villa rental sector currently hosting two 5-Star Villas located in Saint Lucia and providing a tailored, VIP experience for celebrities, artists, and couples. Each property comes with its own resort-level amenities and provides all inclusive arrangements that remain the envy of the Caribbean.

The Pàris Villas offer top-notch services that fit all your needs. These include, and are not limited to, fully equipped professional music studios, beautiful island tours, ATV adventures, jet ski and boat rides, all of the local’s best kept secrets, large private events, and even a private chef.

At The Pàris Villas, every effort is made to accommodate any guest with amenities that cater to athletes, musicians, families, or larger gatherings. These services include a fully equipped music production studio, an official sized beach volleyball court, a 40 feet custom illuminated pool, and a massive outdoor space that can cater to more than 200 people at each location.

The Pàris Villas have the only properties on the island that can host up to 20 people at once, as their Rodney Bay location has 10 king size bedrooms. They’ve used this villa to host and collaborate on production camps for local celebrities and well-known artists from North America and in the UK.

Depending on the reasoning for your booking, The Pàris Villas offer different themed one bedroom apartments that they are adding to the Rodney Bay villa. If you’re on a business trip, they have rooms dedicated to that setting. Staying for an anniversary with your significant other? Well, they’ve got romantic rooms. Pàris Villas delivers exceptional experiences for anyone seeking a honeymoon, group vacation, an escape, or weddings.

The Pàris Villas are elevating the standard of luxury vacations, while also changing the way people experience Saint Lucia as a vacation destination.

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