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Taste Salud Is Serving Up Stellar Aguas Frescas To California And Beyond

The LA-born wellness company, Taste Salud, is about as California as it gets, churning out refreshing beverage powders that burst with authentic flavor derived from the traditional aguas frescas of Hispanic communities. Their breezy approach to daily hydration and nutrition make staying healthy a much easier task, so you can pour more time into the experiences that matter and less time stressing about your health. Taste Salud is a smart solution to our hyperactive societies, where we truly don’t make enough time for ourselves and keep our bodies in check. With their seemless design and seasoned eye for premium flavors, Taste Salud is a must-have when you’re running around the clock, especially during the dry season.

Josh Leyva, co-founder of Taste Salud, grew up with the mouth-watering concoctions that his friends and family would serve to their communities, lovingly crafted with staples like cucumber, lime, and fresh mango. The aguas frescas of Leyva’s youth brought people together and inspired healthy mobility throughout the day, not just after a workout. Leyva himself is well known across social media platforms and entertainment circuits for his warm, inviting personality and dedication to fitness, so it’s only fitting that he introduced a taste of home to his networks, bringing people together over a shared love for fresh indulgence. Launched in June of 2021 with co-founder Tyler McCann, Taste Salud is unique in the beverage markets for its lightweight composition. All of Salud’s flavors contain only 1g of sugar and only the finest ingredients that comprise a dynamic line of fiesta fresh powders. Unlike other sports drinks, Taste Salud works only with the best blends of electrolytes, vital nutrients, and hydrating extracts that sustain healthy lifestyles. Additionally, their mixes are built with Wellmune®, a clinically-proven fiber that boosts immunity over time.

Salud’s collection of drink mixes are clean and versatile in their design, bursting with flavor that can be shaken or stirred into your favorite summer treat. These include Jamaica | Hibiscus, Horchata, Pepino Limón | Cucumber Lime, Mango, Tamrindo, Sandía | Watermelon, Piña | Pineapple, and Mango Chili Lollipop. Earlier this year, Taste Salud partnered with Leyva’s friend and fellow creator Sebas Robles, host of the “La Platica” podcast, to release a limited run of their Sandía | Watermelon blend, which sold out within 24 hours of launch. Due to the success of this collaboration, the duo surprised their followers with a relaunch on June 1st, but it’s safe to assume that this blend could find a permanent home in the Taste Salud squad.

In just one year, Taste Salud has cemented their place in a number of markets that speak to a swath of different lifestyles, proving the accessibility of their product and how badly we need it. The best part is that Taste Salud works for everyone, everywhere. It’s a weekend mocktail mixed with cucumber and lime, or a kid’s popsicle made with fresh horchata. It can be swirled into your water bottle before a morning run, or shaken into a smoothie post-workout. The reality is that we could all use a little more flavor in our routines, and hydration is something we need to achieve our goals and get the most out of summer vacation. Keep Taste Salud close by and you’re sure to feel the fresca.

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