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The Inspiring Story of Dongho Kim, A Talented Tattooist & Businessman

From soccer player to tattooist & businessman, his journey has been full of passion and dedication.

Dongho Kim is an award-winning tattooist and businessman widely known for his oriental style tattoos, and has won five awards in various categories. He is also the general manager of the 10kf Hollywood Tattoo Studio in the United States. Kim’s journey to success began as a professional soccer player in Korea. Unfortunately, he had to undergo several surgeries due to injuries and could no longer continue his passion for soccer. Undeterred, he decided to become a tattoo artist, and that decision changed his life entirely. He has participated in various tattoo contests as a judge and has won five awards in different categories till date. Kim has also held private exhibitions in Los Angeles, and from June of this year, he will start a European tour for conventions and guest spots. He also holds small one-day classes with a few people.

Not only is Dongho Kim a talented tattooist, but he also has a business acumen. He runs two art studios in Korea and works with other artists to hold exhibitions and sell clothes and paintings. When asked about his entrepreneurial career, and how he succeeded in it, Kum says, “when I first started my business, I faced a number of challenges. One of the biggest challenges I faced was learning to manage my time effectively. With clients, suppliers, and other contacts all vying for my attention, it was difficult to prioritize tasks and ensure that I was using my time efficiently. Additionally, I faced difficulty in determining which services to offer, and which markets to target. It was a difficult balancing act to ensure that I was offering the right services to the right people and that I was not investing too much time or resources in any one area. Finally, I faced the challenge of building a strong network of contacts and leveraging those connections to grow my business. It was a difficult process of building relationships with people, but the end results have been extremely satisfying.”


This January, he will be participating in the tattoo convention in Philadelphia, and will also be attending the convention to meet other tattooists and to showcase his artwork. “I will also be conducting classes and private exhibitions in LA and from June, and will start a European tour for conventions and guest spot,” says Dongho Kim, who is a true example of how hard work and dedication can work wonders. His story is truly inspiring and a reminder to never give up on our dreams, and shows how a person can turn his life around and achieve success no matter the odds.

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