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Up Close and Personal with Elmer Laron Catungal

An inside look into the origin of soon to be celebrity makeup artist Elmer Laron Catungal. Previously known for his work at Sephora Middle East, Elmer’s now recognized for his work with VGlow Beauty Bar. Elmer talks about family, friends, finding his inspiration and more.

Elmer Laron Catungal is an experienced makeup artist breaking through the beauty and entertainment world. Elmer has worked on various TV and film productions and hopes to expand his celebrity clientele. He has ample knowledge in the creative process of applying cosmetics and creating different looks for various faces. Previously, Elmer was a senior makeup artist at Sephora Middle East for years and won many Sephora Beauty Master competitions. His skill set includes identifying skin types, understanding skin physiology, and using application techniques. Recently, Elmer became a beauty ambassador for VGlow Beauty Bar, one of the leading medical skincare spas in Los Angeles. Elmer’s collaboration with celebrity beauty guru and VGlow founder, Ella V. Manalang solidified the start of his journey into skincare. As a beauty ambassador, Elmer’s priority is meeting client’s needs and preferences to ensure they are the best version of themselves. In traditional VGlow fashion, Elmer is empowering women by working hard and sharing his skincare expertise.

“Patience and hardwork will carry you more than halfway through what you want to achieve in life,” said Elmer. “Just be patient and keep moving! Best practice makes perfect.”

Elmer isn’t scared of any challenge and remains confident while under pressure. When Elmer’s mentor, celebrity makeup artist Jomel Razon, left him alone at a photoshoot for Working Mom Magazine, he didn’t hesitate to display his talent. Although it was an intense day, Elmer turned the nerve-racking situation into an opportunity to do what he loves– hair and makeup. The editorial staff of the magazine loved Elmer’s work so they kept booking him for pictorials. Elmer didn’t have someone to hold his hand through the process, so he rose to the challenge and executed. Working with different photographers, models, and magazines allowed Elmer to build relationships with people in the beauty and fashion industry. This was the start of Esthis’s career in makeup. His connections led him to prominent celebrity artists and he established a mentor-mentee relationship with Alex Vicencio (beauty and prosthetics guru). As a result, Esthis learned to do prosthetics makeup and he is so grateful to have that knowledge.

Elhmer says his parents, relatives, and friends all raised him to be independent and identify what the world has to offer him at an early age. This way of living inspired Elmer. He realized his love and passion for his career could drive him towards success; and share that success with family and friends. After years of hardwork and dedication, “There’s always means to share with them,” Elmer says. “Even in a little way whether it’s morally, spiritually, emotionally and financially.” As a family oriented person, Elmer continuously supports those that instilled those principles in him because his self-motivation and values inspire his original, creative masterpieces.

Prior to his venture into beauty, Elmer earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Jose Rizal University. Although his past experience doesn’t relate to his present career, Elmer was able to persevere through hardships that inform his decisions today. “There is no magic formula to ensure a better tomorrow,” Elmer says. “But when I’m enlightened by basic knowledge, inspired by proper values, and fired up, I have the will to achieve my goals and dreams in life.”

Elmer Catungal is a celebrity makeup artist to look out for as he rises through the industry. He is an ambitious, go-getter with the experience needed to accomplish his goals. In the future Elmer wants to come out with his own line of beauty products, do makeup for fashion weeks in France and Italy, and work on luxurious projects with celebrities. Elmer’s work speaks for itself and soon everyone will be eager to sit in his makeup chair.

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