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Up Close and Personal with Self Made Icon Sam Verzosa

Sam Verzosa likes to call himself a “simple kid who grew up in the streets of Sampaloc, Manila.” But from his humble upbringing, Sam was able to build himself into someone truly extraordinary. With an international direct selling business, a current campaign for a position in Congress, and multiple philanthropic ventures, Sam has truly proved that he has always been Destined for Greatness. Now, Sam is using his business, Frontrow International, to help others do the same.

1. Tell us about Sam Verzosa – your causes, your higher purpose.

I’m just a simple kid who grew up in the streets of Sampaloc, Manila. I was exposed to the reality of life’s challenges from an early age but I’ve always believed that I am destined to be someone great. That is why I worked my way up to become someone who is able to achieve my goals and dreams. I can hold my head high and say that I started chasing my dreams from almost nothing.

Looking back, it was during this period in my life that I could say I found my calling—helping those in need. Even when I was pursuing an early career in sales, I was looking for ways to give back to people in the back of my mind. I think that’s what made us start our Direct Selling business FRONTROW International, because the business model enables you to provide income opportunities to people that you meet every day.

Now, I am in a position where I could reach more people in need, and my passion for philanthropy has never burned brighter than it does now. I have kept an oath to myself that I will do my best to better the lives of Filipinos around the world.

2. Tell us about Frontrow

Frontrow International is one of the leading health, beauty, and wellness companies in the Philippines, which I co-founded with my longtime business partner, RS Francisco. We offer a variety of health supplements manufactured in the USA and Australia, as well as cosmetics and skincare products from South Korea.

We started the company with the intention of helping as many Filipinos as we could to attain holistic health and, more importantly, financial freedom and success. With the help and support of our business partners, we were able to change a lot of people’s lives and become the leading Direct Selling and MLM company in the Philippines.

Apart from producing a large number of millionaires within the company, another amazing thing about Frontrow is that we have become an avenue for numerous charitable acts and initiatives through our charity arm, Frontrow Cares. During the worst of the pandemic, we were able to send aid and medical supplies to hospitals and communities in the metro and other hard-to-reach places in the country.
I can say proudly that Frontrow is in the Business of Changing People’s Lives.

3. How does being a political figure align with your goals as an entrepreneur?

My motivation for being an entrepreneur and a public official is rooted in one thing: philanthropy. My priority when I decided to run for a position in Congress was to be able to reach out and help as many people as possible, the same as when I was just starting my career and when we established Frontrow. In Frontrow, we have established a culture of paying it forward, and I carry this with me in my role as a public servant. I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all; I firmly believe that this is God using me as a vessel to be able to change people’s lives for the better.

4. What is the vision for FrontRow moving forward?

The company vision for Frontrow remains the same, which is to uplift as many lives of people as possible across the globe. When RS and I founded the company, we intended for it to be a game changer in the industry; we wanted to be the ones who broke the stereotypes of the MLM industry. Now, looking at the milestones we have accomplished, as well as the lives of our business partners that have drastically transformed compared to their lives before joining Frontrow, we just want to continue the good cause and further establish Frontrow as a multinational brand.

5. What sets you apart from other political figures?

I suppose you could say that my journey to becoming a member of the House of Representatives was a bit more peculiar than most officials. Before making the big decision to run for office, our main focus was on providing relief goods and charity work to victims of the pandemic. We formed the organization Tutok to Win to help extend the charitable deeds that the former TV show with the same name, which I co-hosted with Kuya Willie Revillame, was able to do. In the show, we focused on offering various kinds of aid and financial assistance to our audience who needed it. The decision to run for party-list representation just came out organically, as we felt that it was the right move if we were to make a significant change for the Filipino people. That’s something that I will always be proud of: the fact that my decision to run for a seat in Congress was done not only with pure intentions but with consistent public service as well. I believe that’s what made me gain the trust of Filipinos, because they feel the sincerity in my words and actions.

6. If you are a book, what would be the title and why?

I guess you could name it “From Nothing to Something, The life of SV” I think it represents my life in different ways; overcoming challenges and using my full potential to change my life and the people around me. It’s a representation of my life, from being an ordinary person with a dream to someone who is now capable of being an inspiration to other people.

7. What makes you truly happy?

For me, happiness means being content and appreciative of the blessings bestowed upon you. I feel happy whenever I’m with my loved ones, spending quality time with them and building memories with the people I love. It also makes me happy when i see my colleagues enjoying the success they’ve worked so hard for. I feel happy knowing that our business partners in Frontrow are united with us in our advocacy to change people’s lives. I feel happy being an instrument to help improve the lives of my fellow countrymen.

I choose to stay positive as much as I can, especially when challenges in my life arise. In my mind, that’s where God wants me to be at the moment; it’s just another obstacle I need to overcome and I will succeed in the end.

8. Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

Not a lot of people know this about me, but I am the romantic type when it comes to relationships. I guess it’s a natural trait in Filipinos as well, as most of us are raised in a tight-knit family environment. I can be all logical and analytical when it comes to business talks, but I always tend to use my heart and pure intentions in everything I do. Thats what I think is my secret to success.

9. Any plans of venturing to the US?

Frontrow already has international branches in over 10 countries, and since our goal in the coming years is to continue our global expansion, there are indeed plans to make our mark in the USA. We already have big plans moving forward, and as always, we are just waiting for the right timing to come by.

10. What’s next for Sam Verzosa?

At the moment, my focus is always becoming the best version of myself. Now I’m constantly improving my performance as a congressman. Even though I’ve already spent a few months in office, this kind of responsibility requires continuous learning. Since this experience is something new to me, I tend to stubbornly learn all the ins and outs of being a legislator in order to deliver my best during each session. It’s a big privilege that the Filipino people have entrusted me with, and I have no plans of letting them down.

As for the next ventures in my personal life, I just let things flow; I trust God to always lead me to greener pastures in every step I take.

11. Words of wisdom for your audience aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

During company meetings in Frontrow, I always impart three key traits to our business partners, which I personally stick to, even to this day: hard work and dedication with the purest of intentions. Those three traits are some of my secrets to success. It may sound cliché, but it’s true: if you put enough hard work and dedication into your goals and dreams and withe the purest of intentions, all your efforts will eventually pay off.

When things get rough, always go back to your intentions and remember why you wanted to pursue your goals. Find purpose in your aspirations, and let them be the source of your relentless drive and passion to help you get to the top.

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