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V Glow Skin CEO Ella V Commitment to Skincare

Originally from the Philippines, Ella V has a special place in her heart for the Philippines and is collaborating with medical professionals for her brand, VGlow Beauty Bar. Ella strives to continue providing customers with the best quality services and skin products. Recently, Ella worked with medical professionals in the Philippines to elevate and showcase the facial treatments that VGlow specializes in. She conducted a live demo for her facial and introduced the ingredients used in her products, sharing the ultimate experience for the facial treatments.

“Standing in front of medical professionals at this event, I just showed them that I believe in my brand and its natural products,” says Ella. “They were surprised at my love for the brand and how I conducted the live demo for facials that could also contribute to their business.”

As a family and community-oriented person, Ella focuses on ensuring that her facial treatments are tailored to all skin types and fits the customer’s needs. As the official distributor of the Esthemax HydroJelly mask in the Philippines, VGlow’s facial treatments utilize a hydrojelly type mask that also benefits acne treatment. The facials include anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits, addressing concerns for people with sensitive skin. Not limited to acne treatments, but VGlow’s facial treatments also provide anti-aging benefits.

“I’m so proud because the doctors and dermatologists in the Philippines said it was a great skincare product when they saw the active ingredients,” says Ella.
VGlow targets to use natural, active ingredients that are organic to prevent skin irritation and serve a wider community of skin needs. Ella has been working with medical professionals to understand the medical effects of ingredients and choose ingredients to create a product that she can confidently suggest to customers.

From the list of ingredients she selects, Ella reveals one of the main ingredients that make VGlow Beauty Bar special. “For the VGlow products, the star product is oxygen plasma,” says Ella. Oxygen plasma, known to be cosmeceutical, reduces wrinkles as it strengthens the collagen and elastin fibers.

Ella describes that hearing customer feedback and testimonials after using her products motivate her to continue building high-quality skincare products. A memorable testimonial she remembers is from a customer who gushed about the difference in her glowing skin after VGlow facials.

In addition to her current skincare line, Ella hints that she is working on launching a V Collagen drink soon. The drink will act as a supplement which will contain 12,000 milligrams of collagen.

In order to have the achievements in hitting milestones with her brand, Ella was dedicated to the process of putting in the time and effort to constantly improve her products. Ella shares that her driven work ethic was the key character trait that allowed her to thrive as an entrepreneur. Ever since she was younger, Ella’s first dream was to be a newscaster and she always had big dreams of making a change.

“I remember I always tried to act in the mirror because I wanted to be on TV,” says Ella.

While she has a hardworking personality at work, Ella has a fun personality in her daily life where she enjoys joking around, but is also a genuine and sweet person to people around her. These qualities are attributed to how she treats her employees like family.

Ever since she was working on her esthetician program at school, Ella was giving facials to caregivers. As much as Ella cares about VGlow Beauty Bar’s expansion with new launches, Ella stays connected to her roots and always tries to give back to her community.

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