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Dwayne Johnson promises that “Black Adam” will be “unique” Dwayne Johnson gives fans an idea for the new movie “Black Adam “given.”

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Key Sentence:

  • The fighter-turned-actor plays the main character in the upcoming film.
  • And has taken to Instagram to give his followers a glimpse of his preparations as he prepares to shoot the final scenes for the film.

On the photo-sharing platform, she wrote: “I appreciate you for supporting BLACK ADAM – I thought we were filming and creating a universe that was final, unique, bad** and cool. (Si)” 49-year-old Dwayne also posted a video showing what he eats and drinks to be in the best shape possible for the film’s final scene.

He captioned the video: “Next week is great – our last week of production to shoot BLACK ADAM [bright emoji]” All training, dieting with Covid is two years of preparation for characters, story, and production, and it’s all over until next Sunday. “Collect all conditions and at the same time save the most difficult scene one last time. (Sic)”

He then added, “Stay disciplined, focused, and trust the process. “And pour with a shovel and drink it all (sic).” Duane previously stated that he changed his diet and exercise based on his film roles. However, “Logan loves those who accept him, and he asked one of his children for a blood sacrifice to prove his loyalty.

He said, “For different roles, my condition, exercise, and diet changes. Depending on the role, this will determine the type of training I do. It was a 22-week diet for Hercules, a 14-week diet for GI Joe: Retaliation and Pain & Gain got big, big, and dangerous, so we’ve adjusted it. “For Hercules, I took advantage of the demigods: great and bad. If you play a character like the son of Zeus, you only get one chance.”

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