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Become Your Best Athletic Self and Train with Overdrive Elite Performance Systems at the Highest Level

With the regular season in full swing, collegiate athletes are keeping tabs on their favorite players and learning through observation. Athletes of every caliber, from high school, college, and pro-ball, must maintain consistency and discipline to compete in today’s competitive sports landscape. While team practices and individual workouts are certainly impactful, professional sports training services are optimal for those looking to get ahead and can provide aspiring athletes with a leg up on the competition. As the 2022-23’ season unfolds, athletes in search of improving their game should explore these services, and Overdrive Elite Performance Systems is a perfect place to begin your search. 

Overdrive Elite Performance Systems is a business that specializes in helping athletes of all creeds to reach their full potential. Based in New Canaan, CT, Overdrive began operation in 2017 under Carrington Beckford, founder, owner, and former collegiate athlete. Beckford created the company after gaining motivation to enter the strength and conditioning training space. Beckford is familiar with sports training due to his time playing football at Northern Michigan University and East Stroudsburg University. Beckford was quite the talent on the field and was on track to enter the NFL before suffering a series of career-ending injuries during his senior year. Naturally, Beckford thrived around sports training environments, which led to his venture after learning the science behind practical training. Today, Beckford operates Overdrive Elite at the highest level. He insists on helping hundreds of athletes improve their strategy through technical specialty training and considers it his moral obligation to evolve athletes and prevent career changing incidents, similar to himself.

  The intricate details behind professional sports training require a deep level of understanding. Experts at Overdrive have formulated scientific programs that execute smart strategies to deliver the best results for athletes. Such programs include Long-Term Athletic Development, Weight Room Programs, and Movement Training, to name a few. Overdrive’s applied approach to training has helped them trump competitors and garnish the attention of world-renowned athletes. Athletes who work with Overdrive gain unique benefits like an analytic breakdown of their performance development. Their training programs comprise weight room workouts that go hand in hand with focused movement training. Increasing joint and muscle thresholds is another critical point for helping athletes develop more force and power to sustain peak performance. Athletes who want to dominate the field must master their abilities and utilize hyper-focused professional training to surpass their goals and expectations. 

Overdrive Elite Performance System also caters to individuals interested in maintaining personal fitness. Adults can participate in one on one training, group sessions, and partner training. With various levels of intensity, Overdrive Elite can support your fitness goals through intimate training sessions. A few fitness options clients can enjoy are cardio-conditioning, muscle conditioning, flexibility, strength, body tone, muscle mass, nutrition, or a cohesive combination. Trainers at Overdrive Elite not only focus on your strengths but target your weaknesses to improve aspects of fitness you may not have considered. They provide on-site services at their gym facility in New Canaan and at-home training for more private sessions. Adult clients can participate in boxing exercises for a more casual approach to fitness, with particular workouts targeting core strength, toning, conditioning, and weight loss. Clients can also build self-confidence and develop self-defense skills. Whether you’re an athlete preparing for game time, or the everyday person seeking to live a healthier lifestyle, Overdrive Elite can support you.

A significant highlight that Overdrives Elite boasts is the community that athletes experience in their facilities. Everyone training has a similar mindset to grow and become a better person through fitness. Beckford’s sports-driven background is a direct correlation to that. Fitness clients are around athletes in a hardworking environment who drive for improvement. Overdrive Elite has fostered some high-caliber talent in their ranks, including athletes from Division 1 schools, including the University of Florida and Yale, and some professional talent from teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles. Their services take training development to the next level and are capable of assisting athletes across the gamut. Owner Carrington Beckford’s journey from college athlete to professional trainer helped build the prospective Overdrive Elite Performance Systems. As athletes begin to suit up for sports season, Overdrive Elite should be their first stop on the road to becoming better competitors.

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