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Optimizing Immune Defense in the COVID-19 Era with Double Wood SUPPLEMENTs.

For over a year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has underscored a growing need for accessible immune-health products that rank high in efficacy and boast premium ingredients. Research shows that maintaining a healthy immune system can bolster the body’s response to fighting infection and disease. As a result, demand for high-quality dietary supplements has become increasingly prevalent for their immune-boosting capabilities. Recently, studies involving plant pigment Quercetin have demonstrated promising results; as new evidence emerges, the supplement continues to be studied as a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus. 

Health and wellness brand Double Wood Supplements offers a comprehensive range of industry-leading dietary supplements and nootropics. Established in 2013, the Philadelphia-based company was developed by brothers Evan Wood and Reese Wood, who brought their idea to fruition by introducing the American market to Dihydromyricetin—a hangover prevention supplement. Double Wood Supplements has since expanded its product portfolio to include more than 80 different supplements available on its online platform. In 2019 and 2020, the brand was featured in INC 500’s list for the nation’s fastest-growing companies.

Rich in antioxidants, Quercetin is highly-regarded for its facilitation of healthy immune function and blood glucose management. Double Wood Supplement’s best-selling Quercetin capsules include 100mg of Bromelain per pill to help strengthen absorption and effectiveness. Additionally, the compound also functions as a zinc ionophore. In like manner, Double Wood’s Zinc Picolinate supplement works to boost immune health, heal wounds and support the cardiovascular system; when used in conjunction with Quercetin, the body develops a vigorous anti-viral defense. As with all of their products, Double Wood’s Quercetin and Zinc Picolinate are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, USA-made, and tested for purity and potency. For more information on Double Wood’s dietary supplements and their benefits, visit the company’s website. To stay up-to-date with new research and upcoming releases, visit Double Wood’s Instagram (@supplementsdw).

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