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Getting Soaked With Salty Shreds, The Aussie Powerhouse Riding A New Kind Of Rush In Adventure

If you want to ride the top of the wave, you’ve got to fight for it. We don’t always have control over what life throws at us, but if we learn to roll with the punches and savor those unfamiliar, albeit exciting, moments wading in the deep end, things get a little more interesting.

Aussie-born and bred lifestyle movement, Salty Shreds, has been ripping out conventional standards in unisex apparel since 2018, offering a unique stronghold of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, and the salt of the earth to those willing to catch the next big wave. The company was founded by Ashley Reynolds just six months after her first-born daughter, Bryxton Harper, came into the world eager to stretch her fins, and since then the Salty Shreds family has grown by two mermaids and thousands of adventure-seekers who appreciate the simple things in life. It goes without saying that Salty Shreds activates the champion in all of us, whether it’s through their durable garments or charming narratives on social media. Most importantly, Salty Shreds speaks to an international community that oversteps time zones, reminding us to stop and smell the roses no matter what season we’re in.

Based out of Sunshine Coast in Queensland’s southeastern enclave, Salty Shreds was born out of necessity. Reynolds was a force in skate and surf even before launching the brand and her craving for unabashed adventure became more alive once motherhood kicked in. Feeling disconnected from the untamed, natural beauties that flourished outside her front door, Reynolds began the floorwork that would shape the early iterations of Salty Shreds, speaking to the wild freedom of surf, sand, and skate life she knew and loved.

To be young at heart is a commitment to adventure, regardless of where you are and when you’re met with the unexpected. Living a salty life, washed over by sea spray and sunshine, happens everywhere, which makes Salty Shreds an ideal co-pilot year-round. Reynolds saw the bliss in her three daughters as they dove head first into the unknown and realized the need for authenticity and creativity in the play space. Salty Shreds supplies the young and old with premium-quality apparel and accessories that support the next adventure, energized by the youthful spirit of the sea and the majesties that dot Queensland’s landscape.

Perhaps the most compelling feature of the Salty Shreds family is the distinctly human experience that their community is granted. Reynolds has expertly documented the journey from seed to full-blown #shredlife on the company’s Instagram page, interacting and engaging with their followers with a rare splash of ingenuity. The Salty Shreds community has evolved alongside Reynolds and her three daughters, coming along for the ride and witnessing the spice of life firsthand. This raw, unfiltered sweep of social media is refreshing and reflects the honesty that Salty Shreds has become synonymous with. Reynolds had designed clothes for her daughters after searching unsuccessfully for the kind of attitude and spirit she saw in their hearts, and this inspiration found its way into the fabric of Salty Shreds, woven with the same love and compassion Reynolds has for her immediate and extended salty family.

The ocean is a mysterious force that we are all subjected to in some form or fashion. Whether we live along the coasts or further inland, the energy of the sea is never far from our realities. The difference isn’t so much where we are, but if we choose to rock with the waves. Salty Shreds embodies the essence of adventure and reminds us that it’s ok to lean back and float sometimes. More than a brand, Salty Shreds reflects a lifestyle that we can all be a part of, one that feels as good as it looks. So, take a dive off the deep end…you never know what you’ll find.

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