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Fractal Forest : A Catalyst For Change

Based out of Kaua’i, Hawaii, Fractal Forest is an emerging wellness and lifestyle brand that combines modern technological advancement with sustainable plant medicine to change the way we experience life. The company is a digital, artisan apothecary that provides a unique selection of products ranging from cannabidiols, skincare, botanical superfoods, herbal tea, and Fractal kits that are composed of the highest quality of natural elements, such as Heart Nectar and Ritual Chakra essentials. The company has coined the innovative term “Earth Tek”, which describes active philanthropy efforts generated by cutting-edge software to impact the world around us. Fractal Forest wants to support people on their lifelong wellness journeys by providing premium resources that soften and brighten your everyday life. Connecting with the earth and the environment around you is vital in sustaining a healthy life, and Fractal’s innovative web3 business model wants to curate products that impact your adventure.

Fractal Forest was launched after its founders, Xela Ray and Kayra Prentice, connected in the vibrant enclaves of California, but its origins begin in the jungles of Hawaii. After learning of his father’s stage four cancer diagnosis, Xela searched for natural solutions and began cultivating cannabis to support his recovery. Although he poured his heart and soul into this mission, it was too late; sadly, Xela’s father passed. This loss changed the future entrepreneur, who had just returned from a two-year expedition in the jungles of Kaua’i, but this hardship ignited a new quest for him and his partner, Kayra. They knew the journey they were set on was not in vain; they both knew what they had learned could help others, and this notion resulted in the graceful creation of Fractal Forest. Xela has a background in technology, and his abilities were the perfect match for Kayra’s collegiate-level expertise in agriculture and botany.

This ambitious startup duo would embark on a journey of connectivity and environmental sustainability, keen on revitalizing our planet by disrupting traditional retail expectations. For every product sold by Fractal Forest, a tree is planted in Madagascar by the environmental organization: EcoDrive Brands. Using EcoDrive blockchain technology, they’re able to implement active change protocols that go hand in hand with product sales and better the world as a whole. Instead of searching for endless answers or solutions to the stressors in life, Fractal Forest wants to create transformative experiences by sticking to foundational elements in nature. Customers can experience their plants in real-time online using a blockchain GPS system. This initiative helps those in pursuit of wellness benefit from effective products and impact nature in a unique way that connects them, along with knowing that every product is harvested and crafted in a sustainable way. Because of our rapidly advancing digital landscape, humans worldwide have disconnected from their natural relationship with the earth. This results in unnecessary stress and a sense of restlessness. However, companies such as Fractal Forest want to lead audiences in the direction of a more connected state using plant intelligence. They want to help mend the bridge and ultimately give back to the ecosystem that raised us. After facing some trying tribulations, Xela and Kayra channeled their energy and passion into impacting the world in a way that matters. With the progressive Fractal Forest and its sustainable startup prowess, they will do precisely that.

The product line at Fractal Forest utilizes an environmentally friendly structure, with all products being sourced from wildcrafted plant medicine. Fractal Forest seeks to expose the powerful capabilities of botanicals to heal and inspire better wellness routines. They achieve this by curating pure plant remedies and supplements that can help support holistic vitality and awaken a natural connection with the earth. Maintaining a healthy relationship with nature is crucial for sustaining wellness, and an easy way to accomplish this is by incorporating wellness products into a daily routine. For example, the Shakti Rose + Cacao Body Butter aims to nourish and rejuvenate skin through the use of holistic ingredients such as Bulgarian Rose Damascena Absolute and Peruvian Cacao. Audiences interested in improving skincare can invest in this product and will benefit from the hearty perks of plant-based elements like shea butter, Grapeseed oil, and wildcrafted, small-batch essential oils, to name a few. All production by Fractal Forest is organic, non-GMO, and abides by trade rules to maintain authentic longevity while pursuing its mission.

A distinctive quality of Fractal Forest is its innovation in technology while honoring the environment. Using EcoDrive blockchain technology, they’re able to implement active change protocols that go hand in hand with product sales. Instead of searching for endless answers or solutions to the stressors in life, Fractal Forest wants to create transformative experiences by sticking to foundational elements in nature. In their journey of executing this idea, they also want to foster community and share knowledge along the way. Fractal Forest understands the value and importance of collaboration, especially in urgent contexts such as the state of our environment.

The company works with a range of businesses in the spirit of synchronization and growth. Partnerships, such as EcoDrive, are centered around rethinking the essential aspects of our daily lives. Fractal Forest partners with various companies in the community to move toward redesigning traditional structures, similar to a private, high-end boutique but more artistically and environmentally inclined. By embracing the community as a core value, Fractal Forest leads the revolution in utilizing plant-based wellness to improve human life.

Additionally, Fractal Forest wants to expand its philanthropic endeavors into supporting marginalized indigenous communities worldwide. Co-founder, Kayra is focused on using her platform to empower these groups, who are often discredited for their invaluable contributions to modern plant medicine. She believes because of their strong lineage of botany and early plant intelligence, support is an obligation that Fractal Forest owes. As Fractal Forest trials are on the verge of impactful change, founders Xela and Kayra plan on transforming modern wellness using its innovative “Earth Tek” capabilities as a vehicle toward success.

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